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    Hey Guys, so If any of you may remember, I used to sprite and post here a bit, my username used to be han5el-z back when trow was the admin for a bit until I changed it to 5-H-S lol. That was a while ago, but I've been here even before that - but anyway:

    I made this revamped version of the maple story noob a while ago, and maybe someone would remember it. I saw this on my old google drive and I thought I could make a front facing version, which made me make a front version of his face but then I got side tracked and desired to make him into something completely different. Honestly, I'm always messy. I can't stick to one thing. Unfortunately, it's sad to say I'm practically recycling.

    I plan to be a bit more active on here. And although I don't really animate, I think it could be a nice more individual experience to ask for critic here because this is actually the only place I learned how to pixel art from. So, after starting with maple, I drifted to a more misc. maple esque style phase.

    I was always told my shading isn't maple like lol. I also used to have a custom made from scratch character cosplaying as a super saiyan.

    Anyway, enough of this gibberish

    I'd love some CnC, comments, anything would be good. However, I must warn you that the following has a neck. Yes folks, a Neck on a (maple sprite?), i'm sure it would look creepy and make someone gasp. I'm joking.
    All of this is from scratch. I remember seeing how Ike used to make buzzcut or a fade, in maple style and I thought, damn, if only I had a reference because it's been ages...so this is just crappy dithering from bad memory..?
    I'm going to get back to this and even give feedback to anything on the sprite section when I can. It's a lot of memories here lmao, after like 4 wipes
    Also, someone post a discord tutorial, I don't know what it is, or why is it here instead of a forum cha and there hasn't been a forum chat in ages. Lololol, it can help me, i'm not tech savy. And I'd be grateful to you.

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