Interstellar [Potential Spoilers but not really]

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    So I went to see Interstellar with my girlfriend last night, it's still sinking in but goddamn leave it to Christopher Nolan movies to give you an existential crisis. The setup is you got Matthew McCannolahuey and he becomes part of a space mission to find a new home planet for mankind and all that good shit. So yeah of course it being a Nolan movie you get some paradoxal stuff going on like that time passing differently elsewhere jumbo like you had in Inception except that had no real consequences in that movie. Other than that he throws in some other pretty interesting concepts regarding space and time. Given it's nearly 3 hours long you've got to be patient with it, and I kinda like that because you get to appreciate it that much more during the climax, I got kinda teary eyed like goddamn I kinda regret not having seen it in IMAX 3D.

    The range of actors is pretty cool, you got some Nolan regulars like Michael Caine in there playing an old british guy like usual, also there's Anne Hathaway who probably got all buddy buddy with Nolan after filming The Dark Knight Rises. I was happy to see the stuck-up pastor from Footloose playing Matthew McGonnagall's father-in-law and they hit me hard with a surprise Matt Damon in there. Also here's a shocker Hans Zimmer did (most of) the music and don't you just love that? That partnership of Nolan and Zimmer which practically guarantees pure cinematic ejaculation with each viewing? Yeah, I guess I liked the music. Eventually during certain twists it embraced this feeling of imminent doom.

    I think this movie might even be better than Inception, even if Matthew McCunningham is sometimes hard to take seriously as an actor he still had a good performance. Stand-alone sci-fi movies these days tend to bore me too, my god I did not care for Oblivion, Prometheus was pretty shite and then there was a whole bunch of other movies between now and last year which I did not care for. Keep in mind though the only part that makes this movie sci-fi is probably some of the spaceships and robots, but other than that it's fairly grounded, there's no aliens or laserguns or any of that stuff. So basically it's more resembling of 2001: A Space Odyssey, than let's say Guardians of the Galaxy (also a great movie but not as smart).

    Speaking of the robots, they were awesome. Like the moment they introduced the robots (which is 10-20 minutes in or something so not a spoiler in the slightest) me and my girlfriend were like: "What the shit, that's a moving box". But they were pretty cute that way, they even had humor and honesty settings and everything, they make up ALL the comic relief of this movie (which isn't a lot). Basically the robots were like these long boxes that could freely move by detaching parts of themselves to either roll or shimmy around the place, I mean shit that's kinda cute. All the scenes that take place in space have no sound other than maybe music or comm chatter, like in Gravity I guess. I would call that copying but it's weird calling this movie out for being scientifically accurate on that.

    I think I might put this down as my favourite sci-fi movie to date, I was a pretty huge Star Wars nerd back in the day so that's a fairly bold statement, but I mean it.

    9/10, would recommend, bring tissues (not for the tears).

    Hope you liked the review (I kinda wanna be a film critic so thats a big deal to me)
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    I'm editing my video review right now! Someone on this forum WOULD beat me to talking about this film :(

    Nice review by the way, though you really shouldn't have given away the special guest actor that appears halfway through the movie. That was meant to be a surprise for people who didn't know. Still, you had some nice points about the concept and genre.

    If you're serious about being a film critic, I would recommend actually studying some film production so you can support your criticism and explanations better. Things like breaking down narrative structures, editing techniques, addressing the movie's strengths (and "flaws") will make you much more credible in your stance.
    As a filmmaker myself, I get pretty upset with some of the online critics out there that act out of pure ignorant love or hate for a movie without really knowing what went into it. Jeremy Jahns for example, despite being a constructive, respectable critic, sometimes misses the meaning behind some of the content in movies he's reviewed, because he never went to film school, college, or really studied film theory on his own. He just has a long experience of WATCHING movies, and trust me, there's a HUGE GAP between those that make and watch, especially when it comes to fair critique.

    Something you may want to keep in mind :/
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