GIF Is it too late to post my Gif Collab 3 Parts?

Discussion in 'Animations' started by Shulkle, Jun 13, 2020.

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    Jan 7, 2016
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    Originally finished on October 2016

    Originally finished in November 2016

    Originally finished in March/April 2019. Hunter also animated the portion between 0:17-0:25, while I animated the rest of this part.

    It's a little funny that, Gif Collab 3 has both, one of the first GIF animations I ever made, and the finale is actually, and probably will be, my last GIF animation, unless I'm crazy enough to learn how to animate GIF through Photoshop. I was planning to take on the whole 2nd part of the finale on my own, making some epic battle of sorts afterwards, but it never did go through, So, mad kudos to him as an amazing host and animating the 2nd part of the Finale to wrap things up. I'm glad to have helped host alongside @Hunter for this collab as well.