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Am I good enough to join the team?

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  1. Mr.Bk

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    Jun 19, 2016
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    Hello everyone.
    Who could have guessed?
    I'm applying to the sprite team! :D

    So first I'll start with the story of why I joined Maplemation and how I started making pixel art

    (you can skip to the sprites if you think its too long or boring which it probably is)

    First of all, I'm Talal, also known as Mr.Bk.
    14 days from today it will be a whole year since I became a member, and to me it was an amazing year because I learned to make pixel art within it

    Why did I start making pixel art?
    I wanted to make a game. yes.. the reason is kinda stupid in a way.. specially that I had no knowledge in programming and that kind of stuff, so I just started with making pixel art. at first it was more like a secondary thing, but then I got really attached to it and threw away the idea of making a game just to focus on my pixel art skill.

    Who told you about Maplemation? and why did you join? be honest it was by luck, I was just browsing some stuff on Youtube and by coincidence I found one of Aquila's animations, I clicked on the video and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen,
    I thought in my mind "how can someone make such great animations like this? and who are these people?"
    so I searched some more and found about the Maplemation's site, when I saw that there is a "Sprites" section I joined immediately

    While looking through the Maplemation site, I found about the teams system, I looked into the sprites team and I was impressed by how awesome the team members are
    and I told my self "I'll be good enough to join the sprite team" so I challenged my self to improve my skill as fast as possible and join the sprite team within a year.
    so wanting to join the team had a huge impact on how motivated I am.
    but to be honest I got busy with some stuff and I completely forgot about it and lost interest ,
    so the main reason I want to join now is because it was suggested to me,
    But still.. it may be a good reason for me to become more active again.

    and here I'll post some of my sprites (some are old and some are new) with descriptions :

    My first MBRQ ( and the only one :P )
    the time I made this is when I felt that I have started to improve

    my gift to Ethan.

    my first commissioned work.
    I never imagined that one day someone would pay me to make sprites for them, and i was really exited because it was my first time :P

    nothing to say really, just a random character I made while bored

    Crash Bandicoot

    and I'll finish it with this
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  2. Shulkle

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    Jan 7, 2016
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    On a computer
    Your sprites are enjoyable and that
    Secret Santa was straight up amazing.
    I remember talking to you briefly way before in MM and I recall you being pretty chill~
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    Jan 10, 2010
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