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ItsNags Comic Profile

Discussion in 'Closed Profiles' started by ItsNags, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. ItsNags

    ItsNags Comic Team Wannabe

    Apr 15, 2011
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    Name: ItsNags

    Example of Comics.
    Digimon Genesis
    The Hunger Games
    Anton's Day Off

    My OC- You can use either,
    Name: Chester "Cheshire" Shirzen
    Age: 16 (Technically he's only 4 years old.)

    Birthday:February 29th

    Likes: Laughing, Smiling, Alice in Wonderland, Masks

    Dislikes: Dolls, Peterpan.

    Strengths: His psychopathic qualities give him extraordinary endurance.

    Weaknesses: Low stamina, very weakly built, fights without thinking, too impulsive.

    Ability: Voodoo

    Extra Info: Ches with a mask on is the same as him without it, he just simply loves masks.

    If the person the doll is made from destroys it him/herself (like burning it or cutting it into tiny pieces) the

    effects are no longer lasting and Ches cannot make another doll of the person.

    He is usually the one who starts a fight, targeting people, then creating their dolls and taking action.​
    Name: Kazi Mahlong
    Age: 16
    Personality: Always bored, but never has anything better to do, humble, extremely lucky, lazy, easily distracted, clumsy, not intelligent but not stupid.
    Power/Ability: Kazi's is a lucky guy. Even if his opponent is the best fighter in the world he will end up tripping over a rock right at a vital moment in a fight. He is also a lazy opponent, if he doesnt have to fight, he wont. He would rather team up instead because of the lack of work needed. If they don't join his team, he would hide, or surrender. If any of his friends got into trouble, unlike most people, he wouldn't rush to their aid, just ask someone more skillful to do it. Kazi has good, (not great but good), reflexes, but almost never uses them. He has average hand to hand combat skills and high endurance. He often takes the easy, less rewarding way out than the flashy one you need to work for. ​
    Name: Fervo Rafiel Shirzen
    Age: 12
    Likes: Flames, his brother Chester, Hoods, Jackets.
    Dislikes: Pain, Stress, His parents.
    Info: Fervo is a child pyromaniac. That means that whenever he gets stressed or troubled he finds comfort in setting things on fire. If it means the person putting him into this mood, so be it.
    Fighting style. Most of the time, Fervo is not the protagonist. He is the kind of person that if you get him annoyed, he will strike the first hit. He often lines his mouth with alchohol so that when he breathes into his fire in someone's direction the flame will expand greatly.
    Weakness: Easily annoyed and naive. He is really sensitive to the alchohol he uses so if he drinks just a little too much he will fall into a completely drunken state that causes him to talk in a slur and begins to walk in unpredictable motions, after 5 minutes of this he ends up passing out.
    Fervo has three levels of alchohol.
    Level one: beer. [​IMG] This level gives a small amount of tipsyness and a small size flame.
    Level two: Whiskey. [​IMG] This level gives Fervo a limitted time to defeat his oppenent, after two hours he passes out. The flame size of this one is a medium sized fire.
    Level three: Vodka, [​IMG] In the level Fervo only has 10 minutes to defeat his oppenent or his buzz will grow and he will a) pass out or b) become very drunk.
    Just tell me which you want to battle.​

    Extra Info
    Please do long deadlines, I am busy with life, characters, and other comic series.

    Battle Record
    Marketplace Record

    STATUS: AVAILABLE with a long deadline...
  2. ItsNags

    ItsNags Comic Team Wannabe

    Apr 15, 2011
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    Updated, You can now challenge Fervo too.
  3. Elaeagnus

    Elaeagnus Veteran Membah'

    May 29, 2010
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    I heard you were looking for someone to Comic MBR and considering we're the only two in the section...

    Theme: Fairy Tale Gone Wrong. You must state and link to whichever fairy tale you choose when the poll is posted.

    Deadline: Month from whenever you accept.