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    Name: ScarletFlares

    MBR Demos:


    Current Rank - Points:
    Silver? | 40

    OC Biographies: N/A

    Hitlist: None ATM

    Availability: Contact Me on Discord @Johannaling

    ===(Season Record) 0W - 1L [Season 1]===

    End of Season Rank-Points: 40

    Battle Record:
    - vs DarenDevil (Lose)
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    Hello there Johanoo~!

    After a discussion with the art team, we have come to this conclusion!
    >Try to improve your shading! For now your shading feels pretty plain and flat, try to experiment on shade some curves too!
    >Same like your shading, your color still feels plain and flat, try to experiment on your coloring technique!
    >You understood the basic knowledge of anatomy! YAAY! all you had to do now is to keep on drawing and improve your anatomy skill! (example; curves, some details like muscles, body arc, etc)

    Based on the points that has been mentioned, your score will be :

    Silver | 70
    Goodluck on your future MBR! Keep it goin! :blushplz:
    If you have any question don't be hesitate to ask us right away! We'll be happy to help~
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