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Third member of Map Team?

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  1. Rhys

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    Jul 5, 2018
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    1. Tell us about yourself, Who are you? How did you become active in Mapmaking? Why? When? Who taught/inspired you?
    I’m simply a person trying to find a place to belong in. Mapmaking was never a hobby that crossed my mind. I merely wanted to make a birthday gift for someone, so I took a chance at making a map. My initial thought was that the map would result in another failed attempt of doing something that was out of my current skills. Though, through CnC, references, experimentation on lighting, and elbow grease, I was able to create something that I could be proud of. The experience of making my first map was what pushed me to make more. It was the end result that inspired me to make more. I found it incredible that I was able to make something beautiful from Maplestory pieces. Finishing a map, dopamine is released, allowing me to feel a sense of reward and pleasure which motivated me to keep going.

    There wasn’t necessarily a specific person who taught me how to make maps. I started in 2012 and was on and off with Maplestory editing until now. Making my first map allowed me to see I can do so much more if I wanted to. I don’t have that many inspirations. I love beautiful things, things that are pleasant to the eye, and I wanted to make beautiful things. Mapmaking isn’t something I do to gain benefits. It’s something that I enjoy doing. Of course, making maps for others close to me isn’t so bad either. I suppose Taki was/is my inspiration. He pushed for me to be better, supported me, and critiqued my work. Without him, I would’ve never joined Maplemation and be where I am now, making maps.

    2. Tell us anything we need to know about your future behavior in the team. Why do you want this position? What are your plans to improve the team? How dedicated are you?
    There’s nothing to know about my future behavior in the team. How I am now will be how I am in the future if I were accepted into the team. I enjoy providing others with my CnC when it comes to mapmaking. I enjoy sharing my work for others to see as well as gaining CnC to help me become a better mapmaker. I believe me being added into the team will be an improvement. As of right now, the Map Team is a Map Duo. I believe that I qualify for the team based off my skills, desire to become a better mapmaker, and the effort I put into encouraging others to make maps. I’m dedicated to bettering myself, bettering others that want to improve, and just having fun with making maps. Being in the Map Team does not change my current ideas and goals; it just means I can share my ideas and goals. I can support the team.

    3. What are some of your best work, and why do you think it is the best? Post 5-10 pieces of your work.
    These are some of my best work because these are the only ones I have.

    4. Do you have anything else to add?
    I like your face.
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  2. Collin

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    Voted no cuz you should be MT lead :^)
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  3. Soporific


    Jan 26, 2018
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    Your maps are great you have my vote.
  4. Dally

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    Paleozoic Canadia
    Alrighty then, first and foremost, I really like your more personal-journey take on showing who you are as a mapmaker. Although I am curious to know your thoughts on the thematic explanation of your mapmaking, your visual gif on mapmaking definitely gives me a great outlook on your process, along with some inspiration for me and others to do the same.

    Although I’m personally not a fan of the sun’s circular light going over 2 the first two maps, your five maps are definitely a visual pleasure to look at with some maps’ contrasting colors and objects giving stronger focus on the main map objects(e.g. The Tower on your first map, the overall horizon on your third map.), along with your expertise on water reflection and its realism. But my favorite has to be the third map, which doesn't utilize water, but focuses more on a grander look above the skies and its beauty, and I can see a great improvement from your utilizing the birds with some blur around them to give a more spiritual feel. However, I personally would love to see broader ranges to your skill, such as maybe an urban map, or a map in broad daylight to see how your skills will further improve.

    I’m definitely giving a yes to your application and I hope we get to work well together on future projects as a team and inspire. :)
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