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    After viewing your animations AT has come to a pretty universal conclusion: you have no foundation. You've jumped into using AE and putting all these flashy effects and blurs all over your animations without learning the basics. Your camera work is mostly stagnant but when you do move it, it's so jumpy we couldn't tell what was happening. Confusing scene changes, little to no easing and floaty physics/no weight behind attacks made worse through your decision to animate on 2s and 3s sporadically throughout your animations. You learned to run before you learned to crawl.

    It's clear you have a strong passion for creating dynamic camera angles and high energy cinematic shots; however, your poor foundation is keeping you from realizing the potential you have as an animator. Slow your roll, go back to the basics and figure out how simple animations are made before you flex. Once you figure out the basics, then you can get all the clout you want.

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