Lethal League Collab

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    Welcome to the Lethal League Collab !
    The goal of this collab is to animate a fight in the style of Lethal League, i. e. a fight where the fighters can only touch each other with a ball that doesn't undergo the effect of gravity and that becomes faster and faster when it's hit. The purpose of this collab is to knock out your opponent with this ball using the character of your choice !
    - Animate in 29,970
    - The final video must be in 1280x720
    - Min length: 20 seconds
    - Your part can be synced
    - Except if you plan on making it synced, don't put any music
    - You can use weapons
    - Adobe CS5 or more. Flash 8 cannot join, sorry :(

    At the beginning:
    Your characters can appears in any ways. It doesn't matter.

    During your part: You can do whatever you want but you can't hit the opponent without the ball, so show me some creative stuff !

    At the end:
    You must defeat and send your opponent offscreen but keep your character on the stage to have him ready for the next participant.
    The stage and the music will be the same that I used in my ML2 part, you'll be provided a .fla with the necessary resources

    Discord: https://discord.gg/HNFcmcw
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