Making MapleStory Sprite Weapon into 3D weapon (W.I.P)

Discussion in 'Art' started by MegaLee92, Jan 26, 2018.

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    It has been some time since I last did anything on this forum. But life can get you so fast and making you unprepared for it.
    So I will come out of my pity corner and started what I want to do in a very long time.
    Making some of the weapons from maplestory into 3D
    I really like some of the weapon on the game, so I was thinking of doing things and as you can see for those know what weapon it is I am working on all of the forms from the zero class weapons
    I will be uploading more of my work in progress when I get some of it done.

    Anyways thanks for coming by and see what I done so far
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