Maple Boss Collab: The Dragon Rider

Discussion in 'Animations' started by CCshinobi, May 6, 2020.

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    As I slowly come out of my quarantine anxiety shell and unrust, I thought I'd share an old collab part made back in 2015.
    Yea, I've been holding on to it for that long >_< Check it out plz?

    If you haven't heard, the Maple Boss Collab was canceled recently. Unfortunately, Frosty had some understandable priority conflicts between school and other collabs he was in; the lack of manpower for the opening and finisher wasn't helping either :(

    I'm honestly still kinda bummed about it - we had some really great talent with finished parts and I was gonna get a writer/producer credit. I'll hold on to the script for now - maybe it'll get revived into something new one day.

    It's otherwise great to see a mini-resurgence in content recently. Keep it up fam :D