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  1. Rodrigo Fogliato Salbego

    Apr 26, 2017
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    This is my frist animation and my frist opening :D
    But i need the more sprites for my animation =/
    If you have any, send it to me. <3
    (Preferably: sit, with pose, Punches and more...) :3
    Music: Opening anime Shinzo/Mushrambo

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    Pretty awesome for your first animation; also first opening! :D
    0:38-0:46 was my favourite part! I liked the transition zooming into the bad guy's face as an alternative to fading to black and then having the bad guys (?) appear like that.

    You looking for any sorta characters in particular? ^_^

    I'd just like to suggest a few things:
    - At 0:28~0:29, when you fade to black, instead of fading each individual image/sprite/etc, just get a black image that covers the whole screen and use that to fade! That way, you don't see what's behind the characters. Then again, if that's the sorta style you're going for, then stick with it! Just know that the audience will be able to see some things you probably meant to hide. ^^;
    - At 0:47~0:48, I see that you're sorta imitating a character spinning or changing sides? Flipping the character around while panning and cropping will make your character disappear like in that time stamp. There are some ways you can go about this:
    > You can get a climbing rope/something-similar-that-shows-the-back pose and have that act as a transition between the standing poses facing opposite ways. Then use Track Motion to move the poses at once. [​IMG]
    > Like what you did, keep all of the frames and actions in pan & crop, but make sure the keyframes of both the character facing right and the character facing left are RIGHT next to each other, so then the character will flip sides, without being cropped.
    > If you are comfortable with spriting, you can make different angles of your character standing for a smoother movement.

    - In general, a lot of your scenes are stand still. 0:38-0:46 was the most dynamic part imo and I think you should definitely incorporate cool camera movements like these into your future videos (not like the same, but you get what I mean ^^)! For example, a camera shake when the dude transforms at 0:51 would be super appropriate and make it seem like a big deal! Unfortunately, there's no actual 'camera' in Sony Vegas, so you'll have to move everything at once to fit in the screen.

    Overall, this was really impressive and ambitious for a first animation. I hope you continue, so you can create your series and polish your skills. Looking forward to it ^_^
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  3. Rodrigo Fogliato Salbego

    Apr 26, 2017
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    Thank you very much for the tips. :D
    The part the character is spinning really did look strange. I ended up evolving over my 12-minute animation (lolol). 1 week after I published my opening I found some tips to turn a sprite maplestory hahaha (bad luck)

    Thank you very much. :D
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    California, US
    You: [​IMG]

    Me: [​IMG]

    Your partner:[​IMG]


    Jokes aside, this is a really solid 1st animation. You definitely have a taste for cinematography and MV aesthetics as seen in 0:39- 0:46. That's not ordinary around here, so congratz on have a natural good eye for composition; keep at it :)

    Definitely try working on your pacing though, as the lack of speed and general action throughout this sort of drags.
    Part of what makes really amazing anime openings are the way the characters' background, struggles, and personalities are reflected in the visual design and choreography, whether it's Naruto or Luffy running into the sunset chasing their dreams or Light Yagami's descent into darkness in a gray, bloody red city. The goal is to present or foreshadow an amazing story, so do your best to go beyond just showing characters standing around and winking or yelling at monsters. Have them fight each other. Have them look forward to something. Show their emotions. Make your narrative exciting!

    Again, great camera work for just starting out. I really hope to see you improve in general animation flow and visual storytelling.
    Keep at it~
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  5. Rodrigo Fogliato Salbego

    Apr 26, 2017
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    Thank you very much. I did not know how to use Photshop when I started this animation. Anyway, I hope to improve more and more. I'm hoping to do action and fights as impressive as the staff and people here in the community. When I created the animation a few months / weeks ago I did not know this community. It was through the Aquila videos. I was delighted and overwhelmed with such animation skill (lololol).

    Thanks for help me... <3
    About our similar characters. You are my brother (lololol)
    (Sorry my english, i'm brazilian)
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