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    Yup. It's that time again. After a year of Maple Limitless 2's release, Maple Limitless 3 is now in production. And yes, it is gonna be in production alongside Inverted Smash 2, but I'm sure I can handle it. Maple Limitless 3 will be animated and released sometime in July. If you're interested in joining or just want to spectate, the invite link to the server is down below, and you have until sometime in June or early July to join the collab

    Invite link-

    Logo by ScarfKanye-

    Music used-
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    Aaaaand another party! A lucky participant will win a free 3D model (body only) for pose generation (read more here).

    To be eligible for the random draw:
    • Join this collab! Finish entries only.
    • Like this post (my post) to show your interest!
    Break yo limits!