Maple Limitless Intro (Collab Coming Soon)

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    The intro for Maple Limitless is out. Maple Limitless is gonna be a Maple Rushed like collab, where animators will be animating for 48 hours, and will be fighting the previous opponent. Animators will be participating from August 18, 12 PM EST to August 20, 12 PM EST. I hope you guys are looking forward to the collab

    1) BulbaWhat98 (Me)-
    2) mo.-
    3) RedTimez Mations-
    4) nineb !-
    5) Keynan-
    6) LeofardVC-
    7) ModernSorceryMS-
    8) LSManga100-
    9) Trystin Animations-
    10) Pizza Guy #579-
    11) Armondew 9000!-
    12) jose 117-
    13) Blez-
    14) Victor-
    15) Mimic (Doesn't have a channel)
    16) Kokorz-
    17) BAnimates-
    18) ScarfKanye-
    19) Untitled Omega-
    20) DSAN-
    21) Mexo-

    . ScarfKanye and Untitled Omega- Intro
    . mo.- Intro Thumbnail
    . Intro Song-
    .spritefan2- Inspiration-
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    There are a few things I want to address
    1) This collab is obviously not an original idea. It was inspired by spritefan2's Maple Rushed Collabs, and has the same theme as MR2, 4, 5, and 6 where the animators will be fighting the previous animator. This collab is meant to be like Maple Rushed, except not as pro and more accessible to animators that aren't as pro as the MR participants
    2) I'm aware of the problems in the intro. My hat flew back to my head, Trystin's name was spelled wrong, and Keynan and Victor's clothes were green screened. The original plan was to have someone else make the intro, and that person could only make the intro with the green screen, but then ScarfKanye and Untitled Omega made their own intro. Their file also got deleted, so they can't edit it
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    i look foward to seeing this!
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