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    A mystical pink fairy arrives in the Maple world and goes to the aid of mobs who are attacked.
    It spreads pink powers to 6 random individuals all over Maple world, in hopes that
    they can make the Maple world a safer and more fun place for everyone to be in.

    Pink Participants
    Jett | https://www.youtube.com/user/ChangenowMS
    Shulkle | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMjr20w-ut_zhM7xwXm-SPQ
    DanDerps | https://www.youtube.com/user/derpymcderpston
    Kaffeine | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbzLvVXYJDLJBDT_jT8lLPQ
    DrewViss X | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR42AFzuVS2lwLjwDo8-HEw
    Avalancro | https://www.youtube.com/user/Avalancro
    Cuti3N3rDx | https://www.youtube.com/user/Cuti3N3rDx
    Pink Artist
    Toukans | https://twitter.com/ToukansDesign

    Start date: June 16th, 2017
    Completion date: October 6th, 2017

    Didn't Know But It Was Love - .hack__Liminality
    Yutaka no Theme - Lucky Star

    Pizza Theme - Spider-Man 2: The Game
    Ka-Boom - Spider-Man 2: The Game
    CSI: Miami Opening Theme

    Heartbeat, Heartbreak - Persona 4

    The Trees - Mick Jenkins
    Snowy - Undertale

    Beach Way (Florina Beach) - MapleStory
    Sailor Moon Music Inner Senshi Transformation Theme

    You Are A Pirate - Lazy Town
    Crikey The Shark Theme - Ty The Tasmanian Tiger
    Stage Clear & Result Jingle - Sonic Colors

    E3 2014 Announcement (feat. Aeralie Brighton) - Ori and the Blind Forest
    Definitive Edition (feat. Aeralie Brighton) - Ori and the Blind Forest

    krieg - Soul Eater OST
    Eluna Express - MapleStory
    Eluna- Song of Naty - MapleStory
    tldr; I was spamming my pink backgrounds (as usual) in the MWC3 server, then Jett and Hunter joked about making a Maple Pink Collab, and it just exploded from there! Everyone said I should host it and I was like "les'go"! I made the server right away, these amazing people joined, along with people who just came along to see it progress (I called them the "Pink Poops"), and it just happened! I was talking to Toukans about it, and he graciously offered to create a logo and to draw everyone! Fun fact: None of the pink participants knew about it and I only showed them just last night x'D Surprises are fun~!
    This is the first Maple collab I've ever hosted. I knew I wanted to host a Maple collab, but this was so sudden! To be completely honest, I was freaking out the night I created the MPC server; I clearly remember not being able to sleep and wondering if I should really host the collab. Without a doubt, I definitely wanted it to happen, but at the same time, the thought of hosting truly stressed me. Similarly to everyone else, I'm pretty busy with real life and I really thought that I wasn't ready to host a collab and I didn't want it to drag on simply because I was busy. But then I woke up the next morning like, "ya know what, les do dis thang", and so I got to work on the idea. It was funny 'cause we just had the idea "Maple Pink Collab" and we knew we wanted to make it pink, but not else much to go on, so I just came up with the story and everyone quickly got to work! Everyone was saying to make the colour green the boss, but I didn't want to antagonize any other colours, because all colours are awesome!
    The collab was meant to be a short, fun, stress-free process for everyone, so I made sure to keep in close communication with everyone and ensure that they made something that they were satisfied with. Meanwhile, Frosty and I went pink ham and cheese on our parts, but we were able to finish in the end! We set short deadlines for the collab in the beginning, but due to everyone's various summer plans and my own family problems arising, it got delayed a bit... Which was to be expected with projects involving multiple people. Luckily, it wasn't too stressful, because the only people who were asking me about the progress were the people in the MPC server. I kept the collab on the downlow for this reason, in addition to wanting to limit the collab to those who were originally involved. Made it more meaningful~ I'm sorry to those who did find out and wanted to join, but couldn't for various reasons!
    I've said a lot now, but I'd like to end what I have to say by expressing my utmost pink gratitude to everyone who participated in the collab. Not only for turning in a part, but also for keeping me motivated and determined to see this through. Not gonna lie, I've had my moments where I just felt super negative and totally stressed throughout the production, but it was thanks to these wonderful individuals who kept my head up and assured me that this was gonna be great, and they definitely didn't lie about that. I'mma give a special shoutout to Drew for, not only hearing my endless rants, but also pulling through with the transitions for the collab -- that was all him, yo!! I told him to not do too much work, but that man has a heart of rose gold and totally went out of his way to make sure I got what I needed. Thank you again so much, Droo! And THANK YOU, Toukans, for not even hesitating to assist for the collab and show everyone kindness in the end. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have our SUPER AWESOME PINK MATCHING ICONS<3 Your participation was definitely a huge treat for everyone. And finally, thank you to EVERYONE, Kathy, Shulkle, Frosty, Dan, Jett, Toukans, Aran, Hunter, Bryant, Drew, Cloudy, and Ta.ki, who helped me along the way. Not only was everyone a participant, but everyone in the MPC server was a good friend. I admit, I was nervous for hosting this and was worried if it came out back, but I am so thankful for everyone who was so supportive and kind to me. I sincerely hope for the best for you all in the future with your animations/artworks and other IRL endeavors!
    Also, just real quick, I wanna thank my family for being so patient and supportive of me too. They're not gonna see this, I just love my family. xD

    Everyone, please give a huge round of applause for those who supported and especially those who participated in the collab! I could not be more proud of and grateful to them; both for making stunning parts and trusting me to host it.
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    All that hard work paid off! The collab came out fantastic! Good job to everyone who helped make it ^^
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    On a computer
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    Gud stuff, at first I was like "man... 13 minutes" but then I ended up enjoying it and watching it all the way through.

    The intro was pretty crazy, it was the best part for me... water, cinematics, background, lights were amazing,

    @Dan Derps I've never liked when people switched art styles in mid animation but you made it work for me, just the entire drawn section was great, mad props

    dem waves, something weird is happening when you get them up close, but the motion was on point @Drew

    sick rigs and scenery, your attention to detail and hard work always show @StayFrosty
  5. All of ya'll are beautiful for this.
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    OMG the must cute and awesone collab ever i like the pink olso the joke of jeff and the pink eye and the avalacro part so cinematic sooo good i love it
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    That was beautiful. Love jthe visual detail and creativity in just about everyone's parts.
    Frosty's was my favorite. Feels like I finally have a glimpse at the character's personality and the homage to Ori and the Blind Forest is stunning.
    First time I've seen your sword in action Tracey. Do more plz :D

    Great job everyone! Hope to see more original ideas like this in the future :)

    Be careful with your anti-shark themes Drew. Pretty soon you're going to incite a counterculture and they'll be will be swimming around your house in protest. I'm calling it. #PoliticalCorrectness #SharkLivesMatter
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