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    Hello! It’s almost Halloween season, so it’s time to start planning something spooky! There has been a ton of MMV collabs going on recently, so I think it would be refreshing to do something a bit different. Welcome to the Grimm’s Fairy Tales Collab! Read the rules down below if you’re interested in joining!

    This collab is open to anyone who wishes to join, however I will only be accepting a certain amount of people. Please Apply here:

    You MUST have a discord. I don’t check skype, and I do not plan on checking skype. Sorry.

    You MUST pick a story from the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Here is a list of some that you can pick from and read: (Please refrain from one’s with anything regarding sexual harassment/assault, like sleeping beauty).

    Whatever story you choose to animate, it must be as close to the story as possible. No adding your own version of the story to it. That defeats the purpose of the collab.

    There can be no repeats. Meaning that if someone else has chosen to do “Cinderella”, you may not animate that story as well. First come first serve. Click the link to see what tales are available:

    PLEASE keep your project files, as I may ask you to make changes to your part!

    You may add borders and your own watermarks to your parts.

    Refrain from using copyrighted music.

    If it appears as though you put little to no effort into your part, I have no problem rejecting it. So do your best! (This is not an MMV collab, so don’t send me an MMV)

    Your part can be no longer than 5 minutes!

    If you miss the due date without consulting with me, you will be kicked out without question. This is not an mmv collab so the collab will go on with or without you. Be committed and communicate with me if you need an extension.

    If you leave a comment saying you wish to join, that shows you did not read these rules, and you may not be getting access into the collab server c: Please follow directions, and you’ll receive an invite to the discord link if you are accepted into the collab.


    Feel free to ask any questions; I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
    Please be patient with me c’;

    Due Date: October 18th, 2018 (In case of extensions).