Marth VS Lucina

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    Sorry if it's still no Maple, should definitely be my next one

    So, here's my latest work. After 6 months I'm finally done, this is my first time I use AE.

    Now I'd like to clarify a few things on what happened while making this, this probably was the hardest animation I ever had to do. So, first things first I started this back in october/november and was supposed to be a gift for a friend. I had basically 3-4 months to do this, so I progressed as much as I , but it was becoming harder and harder as because of the limited sprites I had, and the non-existants Lucina's sprites. Though I did my best until the day came. And when it came it wasn't much ready so I had to abrubtly stop the fight of the sprite part, meaning I showed a semi-finished product to my friend (I told her "I'll finish it in 2 weeks", lol I'm funny). After showing it, I was quite disappointed so I wanted to at least polish it and at most extend it (the sprite part). So I started working on it again but I had completely lost the motivation, still I so badly wanted to get it done that I forced myself, but at some point I just couldn't do it anymore so I decided to end it.
    Basically, doing this has been a really hard process, I wanted it to be a bit longer but I just couldn't work on it anymore as it became oppressing physically and morally, I'm so glad it's finally done! I'm aware of the mistakes it has (like pacing during the hand drawn part). In the end it's an experiment. It may have failed, it may have succeded but in the end it was for sure rewarding, and I'm pretty proud of it.

    Still, I'm wildly open to cnc and feedback so if you have anything to say go ahead
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    yo, hol' up. You're tellin' me you started this as a gift. Took the time to make this shit look as polished as it was, then, THEN, FORCED the extra after feelin' disappointed in yaself? Bro. that's nothin' to be ashamed of.. I remember back when I couldn't even finish a few seconds of animation after I quit on a piece. I used to start over and over and over again, never to finish a single animation. This looks hella good. Of course, could use work here and there (As with every animation there are flaws) but, from a viewer standpoint, I'd give you several thumbs' up my guy. Keep up the good work.
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