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    Hey, this is the fourth and final announcement for the MBR rework. I will go over a few things regarding changes from the last announcements, adjustments, explaining how we went about ranking, how MBR’s will be handled, addressing concerns and feedback, explaining seasons and explaining how MBR’s work. Please re-read the rework thread to inform yourself of the rules regarding everything from MBR profiles to voting, and how it works by clicking here. I will mainly be talking from an animator’s perspective but the same ideas should apply.

    So first off, let’s start with changes from the rework thread. Tiers can challenge anyone above but the reverse is not true - the exception being for Diamonds, who can challenge the rank below them, Platinum.

    When you challenge a tier above you, you can gain more points, but the person who is the tier above being challenged will get less points because it is not in their tier, however a win will increase their rank/point regardless. To be more specific, you can challenge anyone up to Platinum - unless you are in Platinum, then you can challenge Diamonds. So Gold and below cannot challenge Diamonds.

    Sprites, Art and Maps now require a minimum of 3 demo’s. Animation will still only need a minimum of 1 (so as long as it falls under the other prerequisites).

    You may now add demo’s from over a year ago. This is subject to change in subsequent seasons.

    Decay for Diamonds is removed (may be re-added in the future).

    Ranking works through a checklist for every medium by their respective teams but the general gist is fundamentals, advanced techniques for creativity and misc. We don’t start you from 0 points and add up, nor do we subtract from a baseline. Once you start MBR’s, they will adjust themselves overtime - teams have no say at this point. Also, every animation you submit for your demo will take into account in your rank - so if you post an excellent animation, followed by a mediocre one - that will lower your rank, it is stressed that you choose your demo’s more selectively to represent your skills as a whole.

    Addressing the concerns and feedback, while we do take a look at all your feedback, not all of them will be accepted - please keep that in mind. We will take minor suggestions but major reworks to reworks before it's even out isn’t feedback that’s necessarily useful to us. If you really want to provide some good feedback that will help both us and you, we recommend you dropping it by the end of a season so we can work with it during off season periods and then integrate it into the next season. Once again, it doesn’t mean all of it will be accepted. It will do us little to no good prior to release.

    On the topics of seasons...

    Seasons are periods where MBR’s will take place and you will make profiles for this season to get your rank and MBR. Seasons allow for core themes and sub themes to take place and be rotated for new and interesting ones. They also allow for resets should you improve during that time and get a new rank per season should you want to do so. Seasons will typically last for 3 months with some time off season to reflect on feedback and fix some things as well as plan out for the next season. Click here to see season 1!

    Themes are broken down into core themes and sub themes. Core themes are the motif of the season - this is a consistent thing across all mediums.

    Sub-themes now replace themes of the previous MBR, as this will be the scenario you will base your animations around and apply a story to these scenarios. Applying the core theme will net you the full amount of points you can obtain. Failure to do so will only net you less than the maximum, so about 12-15 being capped off. You may decide your own sub-themes so as long as it isn't blacklisted - otherwise that will cap off your points even further. Be a little creative with your scenarios. Remember these aren't just for fights: MMV's, story based animations, etc. are all still applicable to whatever you and your opponent see fit.

    Once you have an MBR profile and once it has a rank placement given, you are free to MBR someone so as long as it follows the guidelines established in the rework thread. You simply challenge them on their profiles and they accept. You follow this format when challenging:

    MBR Sub-Theme:
    Due Date:
    Time Limits (Min and/or Max):

    And here is the format for the MBR’s themselves:

    MBR Sub-Theme:
    Due Date (+Extensions if Any):
    Time Limits (Min and/or Max):



    When you do not meet the due date, you will automatically be given a 2 week extension. If you don’t meet that, you’ll be given an extra week (+penalty, see more on the rework thread - on top of other solutions such as if one opponent finishes on time, etc.)

    People will comment to vote, and these votes will be added up to determine the winner. The ratio of the votes will determine how many points someone gets (a pool of 30 points) - and that’s all. You make your own threads. After 2 days, you will be assigned the awarded points or lose points (should you lose) and you may challenge as soon as that is done.

    Depending on the vote ratio, the winner will win the percentage of 30 points depending on the points in their favour. E.g. A got 20 votes, B got 13 votes, meaning there are a total of 33 votes. This means that A will get 18 points if the pool of points are 30. B will lose the amount A gains but will also gain the remaining points left. So they lose 18 points but get an extra 12, meaning a net loss of 6 points.

    When you challenge someone of any rank above yours (with the exception of Platinum vs Diamond) the pool of 30 points increases to 50 points. Not following the core theme but still using a unique sub-theme will lower the pool from 30 to 20 points. Using a blacklisted theme will lower the pool to 15 points.

    • 50 points for challenging tiers above you + core theme + unique sub theme (except plat v diamond)
    • 40 for challenging tiers above you + unique sub theme (except plat v diamond)
    • 25 for challenging tiers above you + blacklisted themes (except plat v diamond)
    • 30 points for doing core theme and unique sub theme of same ranks
    • 20 points for doing unique sub theme but not core theme of same ranks
    • 15 points for blacklisted themes (freestyle and 1v1) of same ranks
    *Note: To make it clear, the loser will still lose the out of the full 30 points even doing sub themes and blacklisted themes. Or in the case of challenging the rank above you, the full 50 points.

    When you finish an MBR, a moderator or team leader will post to close up the thread and tell you how many points you have - either yourself, a moderator or a team leader will update your page to have the appropriate amount of points. An administrator will later add these points onto your Maplemation account. On your record you put in the details and how many points you gain or lose. For example:

    ‘MBR vs Neil (Win +12)’ to show I won and gained 12 points from my MBR with Neil. Neil will lose the amount of points I gained.

    Anything that isn’t an MBR with a public challenge issued on a profile, in the battle thread will be removed and both users will receive a suspension from the MBR thread for 2 weeks. A repeat will result in a suspension for the rest of the season.

    With my MBR with Drew out - being the debut MBR (click here to see it): It means that MBR’s are officially open! You can challenge, you can make threads, go crazy, go stupid, have fun!
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