MBR Bluezemmi vs Echo

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And the winner is!

  1. Bluezemmi

  2. Echo

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  1. bluezemmi

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    The country below sea level
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  2. HaruHuru

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    Aug 1, 2015
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    Gonna be my first time watching and voting on one of these! Know these two from Discord, so I'm excited!

    I'll edit with some CnC later.

    First off, congratulations on the godlike pun at the end. Don't care what Kim says. Your effects were really good, especially the first panel, which I liked a ton for some reason. The use of perspective was well done as well. However, I felt like the dialogue could be improved on. "Take this" was only repeated twice, but I already felt like it was overused. In panel 10-11, the one where your character is shocked and holding the scythe, I felt like the position is a little bit awkward, and it doesn't really appear like the character is completely holding the scythe. There are restrictions on what you can do with maplemation characters however, so that's just a minor criticism.

    Thank you for the great comic!

    Though your comic felt shorter than BlueZemmi's, I really liked it! I felt that your panels were very sharp and clear, and it was easy to see things such as the background and character details. The 2nd page is repeated twice (no problemo). The facial expressions made my heart laugh and my face contort into a slight grin. I do feel that the fight went over too fast and it was a bit one sided, but it felt to me like you sacrificed panel count for more detail on the panels themselves. On the panel where there is a shockwave, I felt like the text was too plain for me. Just a white boom, maybe you can use a more stylized texture like the ones you used for the "shhh" and "klink". Remember to put periods! :D (unless it was intentional).

    Overall, very well done. Thank you!

    Both of you guys made great comics, much better than I could ever do. However, I liked Echo's style a little bit more than BlueZemmi's. It just felt more "clean" to me for some reason. Thank you both again!
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  3. SleepyTrystin

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    Jun 25, 2016
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    Both comics where good but this was a hard one to chose so lets get started

    for having somewhat more action I feel as more work in a story could have been done. I like your comic and it reminds me of the old manga's I used to read.
    Everything was quite good on blues side I just would have liked more backstory.
    I laughed alittle bit reading your comic. But as well as blue your comic has flaws as well.
    You had a tad bit more story so you're good on that part. But your fight seemed out of a cliché anime fight.
    Dream part caught me off though so that's good but having the end of the comic end with a nightmare type deal seems like that Idea came out of a bad
    action movie.

    As for my vote
    It goes to Echo
  4. Kat

    Kat Medicine keeper

    Jun 3, 2013
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    It was honestly really hard to choose. Both works looked amazing.
    But my vote goes to Echo. Mostly because how great it aesthetically looked.

    +Introduction page looked absolutely beautiful. Different shots of the area made it feel really 3D, and adding the tree shadows to the character was a nice detail.
    +Movement was really well shown
    +Silly bits were a nice touch
    +Different font usage
    +Panel setup was great to look at
    -The actual fighting came out short
    -The speechbubble tip
    -Can't tell if Jeffrey got stabbed in the end.

    + Movements were really well shown
    + Finisher was entertaining and well put together
    + Your copies were adorable and brought a funnier tone to the comic.
    + Putting characters outside the boundries of a panel
    - The knife flying by your face felt out of place and had barely any movement to it
    - Blurry/zoomed in map made the scenes at the beginning look worse, and less pleasing to the eye
    - Pages 1 and 2 had a plain panel setup, other pages got great panel setup

    Good job to both of you.
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  5. Andrea

    Andrea [Profile Picture by Noziki]
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    Jan 5, 2018
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    Virgo Supercluster
    Do you see this picture?

    Yes, that is me waking up early in the morning and, after hearing the news of the comic MBR, I scrambled out of my bed to prepare a dose of CnC for both of you.
    Honestly, both of your comics blasted me (with such amazing sprites and backgrounds) and coming to a decision was tougher than I thought.
    You two have impressed me with the sprites and background and how the comic was executed. Even if both of you fight for my love, I guess?.

    Truly, something crazy happens every time I wake up in the morning.
    I may be treading on thin ice here, so...

    Onto the CnC that I have mentally prepared early in the morning. Since I'm not a comic maker, it's hard to CnC on this, so I'll be focusing mostly on the layout, story, effects, execution, and of course, the background/map.
    First off...

    You could've done better with the storyline, to be honest.

    The layout and effects are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and the sprites are well used throughout the comic. A bit blurry here and there, and you may have abused the smudge tool too much. A little too bright to the eyes (but that may be just my own opinion because I just woke up.)

    I really like the layout and how it's put together, the usual techniques of the comic leader.


    It's not very visible, but did you just take a piece of the map, flipped it, and merged the two together in this scene? I understand you're still learning at mapping, but you could've placed more effort into this. You could've added more trees, put in different types of shrubs, and whatnot.


    I appreciate the pun, and you did your best to execute a certain scene where your character tries to be badass while defeating the other character, yadda yadda. For the tiles, I don't think you're in a mountain. The next time you try to make a scene concerning this kind of flooring, I suggest you lower the stone floor a bit.


    For this certain scene, it took me a while to realize Echo is hiding behind a rock, and you're not showing a separate panel. Again, the floor is concerning. Don't worry though, because again, you're still learning. Perhaps lower the ledge (where the statue sits on)?

    That's all I have to say for you, Zemmi. Good job, otherwise, and thank you for the lovely comic.



    Hoo boy. Get ready for a wild ride. I'm impressed by the front page of the comic. You did well to execute each scene, and the background behind the panels caught my eye. The little comedy bits were a nice touch, as well as the tiny sound effects. It felt more lively, and very life-like.

    The fighting scene wasn't very heavily brutal or added with many effects, and I like how you focused more on the environment rather than the fight scene. You did well to execute the story, too.

    The comic invokes a minimalistic feel and had imitated a manga-esque kind of layout. Good job.


    The shadows are very well placed, and it indicates the presence of a tree where Zemmi lies under. Could've added a shadow under Zemmi, as well, since the lighting is focused on that very specific scene.

    I would also like to applaud you for looping the grass tiles where Zemmi lies on, as if to indicated a real grass bed. I'm liking it so far.


    Look at that very well-placed character on the grass. And the night sky, shooting star, and the tree-
    Ahem. I like the focus on this, overall. You executed the scene well, and I like the little comedy bit on Zemmi. Maybe a bit of shadowing would make it look better?


    In this scene, the grass looks a bit blurred and resized a bit too much. It just makes it look out of place (to me, I guess), but you're still learning, so it's okay.


    The ground is concerning, but you did your best to portray it. Could've elevated the front ledge, though (encircled).


    I actually like how this was executed. Although blurry and out of place, it has a certain perspective focus to it. Good job.

    That's all for you, Echo. Good job, and thank you too, for the lovely comic.

    After reviewing and skimming through both of the comics, I came to a decision.
    Congratulations, Echo. You earned my vote.

    Hopefully my CnC isn't too much of a bother, nor is an overdose.
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  6. Nameomn

    Nameomn Sword Combat Specialist

    Nov 4, 2014
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    My analysis on comic is maybe not as good as animation, But I think I got a few point.

    I like that your comic has some good sense of 3dimension space but when the fight scene hit It just went away but then it came back for the last shot which is not too pretty or bad to look at, I know it by seeing that your character manage to deflect tripple knife throw with a single swing like they perfectly line up for him to deflect them But maybe I'm just too nitpicky.

    I don't know is your character is committed to his attack or he just want to frighten Blu, It has to do with his knife throw which he deliberately missed a throw to head/body and go for arm instead, Also Your characer wielding a knife that Create a Sonic Boom on hit...wtf and at that close distance in which a knife combat would really be effective, He decide to move away from the scythe that would likely hit him by the pole and not the head. So knife is considered a heavy weapon? lol. Other than that the fight is short compare to blu.

    I pick Bluezemmi
  7. Echo

    Echo Forever Tired
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    May 19, 2012
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    I want to thank everyone who has given their honest opinion, and given wonderful CnC. I will take all of it into consideration when making future comics.

    I also want to thank Jeffrey for accepting my MBR with very little to work with... It honestly tipped the scale a bit to my favor, but because he did I had to make sure I didn't let him down. You can't challenge a leader and think it'll be an easy win.
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  8. Neil

    Neil (Not) Society

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Congrats on your win Echo!
    I'll update your profile soon.
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