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    Welcome to the new, forum game-like MBR option! Opponents are paired up in order on this thread; you'll be battling the person above you and whomever posts after you, one battle at a time.​

    Read this entire post before making your own post!
    - Your post
    When you post you will battle the previous challenger. At the same time you set up a challenge for the next poster. That means each poster will have two MBR‘s in a row. Do not post while there is an on going challenge. Posts that don‘t follow the rules will be removed.
    - Themes
    You can choose any challenge or theme for your second battle. You can choose from any type of animation (fights, comedy, music videos, etc.) and any type of media (animation, art, sprites, comics, etc.) You can use this thread for ideas
    - Deadline
    All deadlines are set to 24 hours. The countdown starts once you receive a message from an MBR mod. You must submit your animation to the same MBR mod before the deadline. No extensions will be given.
    - Message a mod
    You must submit your sprite sheet (if required by the MBR theme). Send it to a mod and you will receive your opponents sprite sheet in return. The message you receive from the mod will contain your opponents sprite sheet and a 24 hours countdown.
    - Post template
    MBR profile: [link to your MBR profile]
    Character: [sprite sheet or reference]
    Challenge: [insert your type of challenge with as much detail as necessary]
    Mods will edit your post to add the following:
    Countdown: https://pending.me.uk/create-anonymous-countdown
    Status: [win/loss/forfeit/ongoing]
    - Regular MBR rules apply
    - The winner gets not one, but two MBR points! Wagering on a match is forbidden here.

    I'll be the first challenger! :D
    MBR profile: Here
    Character: See my signature or MBR profile for my SS.
    Challenge: Minimalist. Regardless of what kind of animation you submit, make it minimalistic. Could be a fight scene, though I'll be making an MMV.
    Here's the finished MBR!
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    I challenge you to a duel Kim. Please go easy on me.
    MBR Profile: Here
    Character: (Private)
    Challenge: Transformation (Show a character or a monster going through some kind of transformation)
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