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And the winner is?!

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  1. Faiyzor

  2. nugget

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  1. nugget

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    Mar 23, 2018
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  2. ILovePunCakes

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    Intense breathing


    I can tell you both put so much effort into this. Now that we have this style of mbr's in the works I hope more people will be more comfortable with doing mbrs as a whole.
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  3. Pepsi101Loser

    Dec 14, 2017
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    I'M SO

    OOF THE SCENERY! I can tell you put hella effort/detail into what you were doing! I'm impressed, you are definitely getting more creative with your animations! I can't stop re-watching yours~!

    I know how much you like using zooms, that's like your style, but I feel like you used it a bit too much in this one? For the scene with the umbrella, i almost feel as though the zoom didn't really fit? I also think if you had borders it would have a more cinematic effect, which I feel would suit this mmv, but that may just be me.

    I Adore how you made yours look so cinematic. The end with the color change was really great, i love~!
    Like always, your
    typography is great! So are your transitions~!

    The theme is "Opposites Attract", I see that it is a Nerd x A Deviant, I feel like you should have made it more obvious that the girl was nerdy?? But that's not that much of a big deal, that's just me.

    0:11 I know you like to keep things simple, but I was hoping you would have a bit more movement v.v

    My vote for this one will be going to himawari.
    What I admire and look for in most animations is one's use of lighting, as well as how appealing their scenery can be.
    Kait, your effort in that aspect of things impressed me, and I am super duper proud of you~!

    Though I did love your animation as well, Faith~!
    Don't be discouraged, this was a super tough decision to make :sob: I love you both~!

    I see the damn s_shake too, I'm onto you.

    Great job~!
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  4. Nameomn

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    Nov 4, 2014
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    I can't tell which one is winning
    But if I have to pick one, Then I'll pick nugget becasue the video have more things going on.
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  5. Chimera

    Chimera Senior Membah'

    Oct 26, 2014
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    nugget a lot of your shots were really really pretty ! You had my vote up until I saw the theme. I think it's unfinished so that explains it, but I wasn't really feeling anything romantic between those two characters nor did I catch they were opposites. I think your rigs could be synced better to the music too, sometimes the movement felt distracting to the flow of the song, if that makes sense at all

    faiyzor your part was pretty solid to me, the only problem maybe being the cursive kind of text you used was hard to read. I get why'd you use it because it looks really good, but because the song isn't English I found it distracting trying to decipher what it said. That's not something so important though, more of just a nitpick. Another thing was that your part didn't really stand out to me much, though really well done it was nothing I haven't seen before in a MMV. I think that if your part was longer the storytelling would of made up for that though. Right away you had me interested in the two characters and what their relationship towards each other was. You got my vote because your part fit the theme better. I really liked that last shot too, very satisfying to re-watch.

    I wish you both had made your parts longer ! But it's really cool to see a MMV MBR and hope to see more of them.
    Good job to the both of you.
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  6. Shulkle

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    Jan 7, 2016
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    First, I just want to say, congratulations on finishing this MBR despite having some issues in terms of making the duedate, so I'm glad, with that said.

    Voting for Faith.

    Faith's video stood out to me more because it seemed to line up with the theme better in my opinion. While I felt like you didn't have that many scenes, I mean, 2 scenes involved a short looped animation with several filters piled on top of it. I feel like you should flesh out the raw animation itself rather than trying too hard to filter it out and look more lively. I will admit, it was pleasing to the eye, and the lighting looks great.

    As for Kait, I honestly preferred your animation more since the lighting and scenes seemed to have more movement. I liked how it wasn't plastered with screen effects altogether, but on the other hand, I feel like the zooms looked rushed, despite matching up with the song. I'm mixed about the story or ending as a whole looking kind of unfinished. I personally think that the story seemed rather flawed compared to what Faith as, especially when it comes to following the theme. I get that it was rushed, so I won't gripe about it.

    Anyways, I'm very glad MMVs are making a scene around here! Hope to see more of something like this.
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  7. Masquerade

    Masquerade [Profile Picture by Noziki]
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    Jan 5, 2018
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    Good job to both of you! MMV MBRs are very rare, and I took the opportunity to give you two some CnC. I'm not an animator myself, so I'm just going to focus on the fonts, aesthetics and character movement on your videos.


    Since the theme is "Opposites Attract", I could understand parts of your video (bad boy falls in love with nerd, or vice versa). Despite it lacking cinematics, it goes well with the song choice. I admire the transitions and how well it was executed.

    Some parts of the fonts are tricky to read. I do like the lighting in your short MMV, though.

    I have nothing much to say about the characters, except to give them more movement, I guess?

    That's all.



    I was a tad bit confused on who is who, and how they are attracted to each other. Yours is shorter, but it has good cinematics overall. The fonts are pleasing to read, and each scene shows a lot of realism, which I really admire. The lighting is pretty good too.

    Although it's aesthetically pleasing, it strays away from the theme, and a bit confusing.

    For the characters, I like their movement and rigging.

    After reviewing and replaying the videos a few more times, I have decided to give my vote to Faiyzor. Congratulations.
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  8. Kayas

    Kayas The Indolent
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    Dec 2, 2014
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    So I wanna start off by saying MMV's aren't really in line with my own personal tastes - but it is pleasant to see a change in the pace of MBR's on this forum with this and I hope more MBR's like this come about that aren't just battle oriented.
    Not much to cnc since this isn't my forte but I'll drop my own two cents. Faiyzor, you get my vote. I loved your use of stunning transitions and it all felt nice and slick. You definitely followed the theme a lot better since someone like me can understand what's going on. Simple and to the point - I like it.
    Nugget, yours was way more animated - digging the rigging and that one back shot of the guy sitting down. Perhaps it was a little too animated... By that I mean the erratic zooms and the fast camera pans kind of took away from this chill slow paced song. Less is more! Like I said, your stuff is animated, so let the animation do the talking and let the camera sit back.
  9. Drew

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    Aug 4, 2014
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    Was a very tough choice. Many things I had in mind to point out have been said already, but here’s my perspective:

    Faith: The cinematic feel to yours was very soothing and fitting for the song. Your lighting throughout wasn’t half bad either, and the color being restored in the end had a warm satisfying essence to it imo. I’d just be a little more careful with your storytelling, since it wasn’t exactly explained how the two fell in love. From what I saw, they don’t know each other in the first two shots, then they’re automatically in love in the next one. Having to meet a deadline is understandable, but just make sure you watch your pacing. One other thing is that the text can be kinda hard to read at times; I’d show an example if I weren’t on mobile. It’s only a small nitpick though. What I liked was how you experimented a lot with text placement and portrayment rather than keeping it all at the bottom, and retaining the same font. Other than that you stayed true to the theme, and the way it was portrayed was pretty to look at. Nice job, Faith!

    Kait: I can see a lot of effort went into your map making and character movement. Gotta commend you on that. The theme and storytelling were more clear to follow, and you showed how they met, which is an important aspect in this type of story. The various details like the perspective changes and rigging were neat too. If I could point some thing out though, your cinematics didn’t have as much “feel” to them and your transitions were a bit too on the janky side. A bit too much “zoom” spam, if you will. I’d experiment a bit more with how you can pull off transitions, and cinematic approaches. Like I’m the beginning, I saw no reason to have it zoom in on her twice like that. Just make sure you play around with different ways to convey your message and add flow to it’s presentation. Other than that, the story was pretty clear to follow, and animation wise it was enjoyable, Kait, great work!

    It was a hard choice since the pros and cons in both were damn near equal to me. But Faith, while yours surpassed in aesthetics, I’m giving it to Kait by a HAIR for the clearer storytelling and general animation.
    Very refreshing to see an MMV MBR for the first time on this forum. Here’s hoping there will be many more to come. Great match, both of you!
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  10. Thewindyfan

    Thewindyfan I'm too slow for this shit

    Aug 17, 2013
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    Voting for Faiyzor

    Asides from what's already been mentioned (although I might reiterate those things again), I really enjoyed the ideas and overall smooth transitions and compositing of Faiyzor's animation.

    Nugget I like the effort you put in to doing a bit more character animation to go along with the theme of the song, but personally the awkward composition/camera work just put if off for me.

    Keep it up you two
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  11. Neil

    Neil Cyclone

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Congrats on your win, Faiyzor.
    I'll update your profile soon.
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