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    Hey guys!

    Game Team is proud to announce our very first Demo for the Fighting Game Collab!
    For more info on the collab: http://maplemation.com/threads/fighting-game-collab.34931/

    To download the game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4y8sgcxl7yu22w4/MBR Fighter.zip?dl=0


    This is just the first version and there's still a lot of things to do (UI, new characters, sprite update, original music) but we're here to show off our progress so far!
    (The UI is currently being changed, but the old one is in this version)
    The game currently has an arcade mode of 6 stages with the 6th stage being an unexpected challenge.
    (Can you finish all 6 stages?)
    VS mode is available to challenge other players and also used as practice mode by choosing the sandbag as player 2.
    Netplay is also supported by using the external program called 'lunaport' (it's in the game folder).

    Arrow Keys: Move
    Double Tap Arrows: Dash
    Up: Jump
    Down: Prone
    Back (Arrow): Block

    Z: attack 1
    X: attack 2
    C: attack 3
    A: high jump
    S: grab
    D: special 1

    down + Z: skill 1
    down + X: skill 2
    down + C: skill 3
    down + A: Iframe counter move
    down + S: special 2
    down + D: special 3

    Air moves:
    Z: air attack 1
    X: air attack 2
    C: air attack 3
    down + Z: air skill 1
    down + X: air skill 2
    down + C: air skill 3
    S (in air): Aerial Recovery (Costs 1 SR)

    Pause controls:
    Esc: Pause
    Esc (While paused): Resume
    Z+X+C (While paused): Return to Title Screen

    To play against other players online, you can use the application packaged with the game "LunaPort".

    To host a game, open LunaPort and press 1. (Portforwarding is required unless you use i.e. Hamachi).
    To join a game, open LunaPort and press 2, you will be asked to enter the host's IP address.


    Once the IP adress is entered -- the game will automatically boot up for both players, and it's showtime!

    And that's basically all!

    In the lunaport.ini you can also set the name on how you want to be displayed in the game.
    Should the host use a diffferent port (standard is 7500), you can also change it here.


    For more infos on portforwarding (for hosting the game):

    Q: How do I change my controls?
    A: In the Game option -> keyboard (or joystick, depending on what you use)

    Q: How do I change the game's volume?
    A: That's possible through the windows volume mixer.

    Q: Can I add my own char to the game?
    A: Yes! We'd love to have you!
    At the bottom of this, you'll find more info about collaborating with us, and becoming part of the project.

    Huge thanks to all members of Game Team for making this possible!
    Also thanks to everyone in the project who helped out with this so far.
    Nexon/Maplestory for the sprites.
    Enterbrain for the engine.
    Maplemation for the team.

    Thanks for everyone who tested the game so far.

    Special thanks:
    Andrea, Steamamy - Maps
    Vashie - Title Screen & UI
    Zeru - Development
    Sleep - Game Icon
    Ibui - Sprite and Animation updates
    Tracey - Progress spreadsheet
    Darlit - P2 palettes

    We also have a Credits.txt for more specified credits in the Game Folder.
    (In case I missed anyone </3)

    -Got any more questions that were not answered?
    -Want to find others to play against you online?
    -Want to add your very own OC into this game as a playable character?

    You're welcome to join our project in Discord, and we'll be happy to have you!
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    niiiice!! ill buy that lol
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    When you know you can't play fighting games to save your life....

    Well done everyone in the Game Team! This is great!

    Two small suggestions from myself:
    1: Add a pause menu/settings menu! (I'm sure you guys would get to that)
    2: Move the fighters up, closer to the center; the rule of thirds and all.

    Other than that, damn great job! I'm rubbish at fighting games so I wouldn't know what to say for the mechanics; I had fun, that's all.
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    On a computer
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    Tired of doing mbr's yourself? We have the solution!
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