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    MBR: Kayas vs Drew
    Core Theme:
    Sub Theme: Crime
    Note: Watch mine and then Drew’s for the chronological order for the story. Or click here to see the compiled video on the Maplemation YouTube channel. Make sure to watch the original videos below to base your vote on since the compiled video cuts things from both sources.​

    Rank: Platinum | 176 [​IMG]
    Profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/kayas-mbr-profile.35643/
    Notes: Animating Drew’s character (due to being instructed he has no voice clips or dialogue) expressively was difficult - however, this was still a fun MBR that re-ignited that spark to animate again. Special thanks to those that helped out over the course of this project with feedback. Special thanks to Drew for sticking it with me and being the debut of the new system. This is for you @quentin galloway

    Rank: Silver | 91 [​IMG]
    Profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/drews-mbr-profile.35644/

    Notes: We finally did it. It’s been a tough road getting to this day, but the work and the wait is now over. Big shoutout to Kayas for this ride, and providing an intense challenge I won’t soon forget. And thanks to everyone who patiently bared with us and waited up until this point. I’m happy to be a part of the debut for the new MBR system, and I’ll be looking forward to the many new hype matches that’ll soon follow.

    Remember polls are handled through comments now - so get voting! This also means MBR’s are out so go crazy!
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  2. Lykern

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    Drew wins hands down

    Kayas - There is too much static that just bored me from watching. Don't get me wrong, you animating was beyond impressive, best maplestory animation I seen. The way you used Maplestory sprites to animate just felt very off. The way it was animated would be better using 3D models. Just disappointed 2D sprites can't give the feel like 3D models. I just see too much static, doesn't feel realistic. Characters feel very artificial, only moving when needed to. Very lacking in how human nature works. I wanted to give your animation the vote but there's too much ordeal that pisses me off. I just can't find a reason to say it's Good. I'm surprised at how I even analyzed like this. Maybe I'll edit my comments later on. The animation style probably hasn't sink in yet.

    Edit: Was very anime-ish animation style, just didn't fit maplestory animation style to me
    Edit2: Oh I was comparing ur animation to RWBY, that's why I compared with 3D animations at first.

    Drew - Everything was awesome. Just very disturbed at the effects of Kayas character smashing through the wall. No or Lacked a lot of impact. Only dust appears. I thoroughly enjoyed the effort put in to recognize so much human nature into the characters. I can imagine how they were feeling at the moment. Very impressed. Love the way you made 2D Maplestory sprites work in 3D settings. Maybe I'll rewrite my comments here too later on. 1st watch maybe very bias.. gotta find time to calmly analyze the animation concepts and so on.

    Vote to Drew (Maybe I'll change, not sure yet)

    Edit: So I'm voting for the "end result" of how I think maplestory animation should be animated as
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  3. jose117

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    That was the most EPIC BATTLE I EVER Ser now I can die an peace after see this master piece and I like the story for sure

    Anyways my vote.............. It goes for kayas

    Sorry drew but you animation was still awesone as always

    Great job you two
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  4. Scythe

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    Came back here to the forums just to post how impressed I was with this animation.
    Maple animation has definitely come a long way since my days, and I cannot deny how impressed I am with the modern techniques of sprite animating.

    Never stop improving guys, this is a wonderful treat. By far one of my favorite MBRs yet.
  5. Kajiya

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    I know I said I dont give attention to anything else but sprites but this will be an exception, take my cnc with a grain of salt if wanted but this is just all IMO.

    Kayas: you are at the rank you deserve and you display that well, and even in trying out something that ins't seen too often (Unless I live under a fucking rock or some shit) you still do pretty well but in the wake of a style that drew used, aka something that the sprites can easily conform to, by comparison there's a lot that can end up looking bad by comparison, but then again even then you still did well, pacing was down and story was concise and clear and everything you attempted, you did successfully in more then one way. of course there are some things you could easily improve on via spriting some angles a limb or 2 that wouldn't necessarily require you to use the same arm over and over for the various angles, just an example, Plus this is just a nitpick I want to get off my chest is that the inconsistency between using fluid rigging then suddenly using the sprites themselves with no rigging which caught me off guard on multiple occasions. but you still get my vote.

    Drew: You stayed a little in the realm of what everyone is used to seeing with a bit of attempts at some new angles i haven't seen you pull off before, which you did well in this. pacing was great for most parts until some oddly slower parts which i assume where to emphasize impactful moments or something along those lines, which Could be understood. some angles did look a bit off due to the sprite limitations but I'd guess there wasn't much time to reach out to a spriter or wait for the angles to be made or something like that. Good shit tho.

    Both parts excelled and was well worth the wait and you both raised the bar to a relatively high level for what may be considered "High quality" animations but thats just me, of course.

    Good shit, you two
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  6. Miles

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    My vote without a doubt has to be Kayas, shit; where the hell to begin?

    The cinematography and unique utilization of maple-maps and turning it into a 3D space was absolutely phenomenal
    . The more I watched it, the more I wanted more; and from t he blood, sweat and tears I've seen you put into this - the more it paid off. Your animation was certainly worth the wait, and I'm proud of what you made, man. This is some really well done, quality shit. If you really inspire me to keep moving forward and improve my works, good fucking shit.
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  7. DJTiki

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    Mimiga Island
    Just sitting here trying to gather my thoughts because that shit was absolutely OD. I want to congratulate both of you first of all for making such an intense and awe-inspiring MBR to kickstart your new system. I can tell that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into forming the final product. This is one of those MBRs that'll be remembered for years to come, which isn't anything short of a gigantic feat. Comparing who I thought won to me is comparing a 9/10 to a 10/10. Probably even a closer gap. So I'm not repeating myself, I'll go through and say what I believe both of you guys did great on, what both of you guys could improve upon, and then run it down individually. I think that's a fair way to compare.

    The story for this animation was perfect, and I guess that attributes to the collaboration between you two. Actually thought it clever to "kill off" Drew's old character to introduce Desmond. I was actually confused at first when I saw the old spritesheet being used. The story was seamless from one to another and it was easy to follow. Lots of care went into the script and it shows. The maps for both were absolutely on point. I'm not sure if you legitimately modeled your cities, used texture maps, but whatever the hell you two did, it worked. I was incredibly engaged with the setting. Combat between the both was fluid - actually everything was fluid. Your rigs improved more-so than they already are refined. You guys are at Aquila and Zack levels of rigging now. That's dope.

    As far as things I believe both of you could improve on, only a couple things. I think text for both could have been presented a little better. For Kayas, the font could have been bolder since you are using a lower-third to present it. Something that pops up more since the font-family choice isn't exactly the best for subtitles. This is especially since you have a lot information in your animation (more on that later). As for Drew, your animation has a LOT of whites in it, so having something like white text with a black stroke doesn't work as well. Still readable, but you coulda done better with making a lower-third widescreen bar like Kayas or opting for yellow-text with a black stroke on some 80s anime shit. Refer to this...
    Not only does yellow stand out from blue fine (Desmond's main color) but it also is complementary to violet (the Murderer's main color). Just keep that in mind.

    Personally, I loved the way both of these animations were presented but it was processed in post a bit too heavily in my opinion. Think it slightly took away from it even if it looked gorgeous.

    So individually, since I'm running low on time, I'll just go through and give a positives-negatives list for each. I'll delve more into the negatives, just so you guys know what I'm talking about.

    + Your shot compositions, holy damn. There are so many memorable shots to the stark white background when his knife breaks to the black silhouette sequence with the gun explosions acting like orange light. Beautiful moments.
    + Your custom drawn stuff added to the animation. You didn't need it but it was welcomed nonetheless.
    + I find your combat to be a lot more creative in use than Drew's. I did think that when Desmond came in, a bit of the creativeness kinda fell off a little to properly segway for Drew to introduce Desmond properly. That's fine.
    + Use of soundtrack I also believe overtook Drew's use.
    + Your use of the map... perfect. That is all.
    - My only thing. Your animation has a ton of information. There was a lot going on at once, which is easy to follow, but it ultimately came down to what I feel the weakest part was actually sound design. I believe the term is too much of something can be bad, and I felt that for the murderer's sound clips and the mixing of the sound effects. It definitely gets a pass for being engaging but when the murderer had 90 SFX clips per second coupled with the text moving pretty fast, it was a lot to take in. I found myself rewinding to make sure I didn't miss anything. Even in anime, during intense sakuga segments, if the character is talking, there's actually less going on with the SFX so that the person isn't overwhelmed. If your visuals were at a 90%, then your audio was at 120%. You mixed your audio to be loud even at low audio which is fine, but a hard limit on something like maybe -9 db with a catchup gain of -4db, then sparsing voice clips out would have been so much better man. All your sounds I felt had the same oomph and impact to them, not bad, just vary it. Otherwise, that's my only gripe.

    + Your characters and contrasting elements I felt were better than Kayas's. It was much easier to follow your animation here with the same amount going on in content (imo). Characters stand out and when it isn't just a shiny thing setpiece, it's the most important thing.
    + Close quarters combat had the same snappy flare that I'm used to from you but amped up to eleven. I think now your style is much more refined. You have a clear mastery and understanding of the characters you use.
    + Your animation kept it moving, I rarely found spots where it was just people talking. While Kayas definitely had shot composition, there wasn't a dull part to your animation. Even when they did stand, there was mouth movements or the camera was doing something.
    + Your effects were more evenly distributed across the entire animation. I felt like I knew what a Kayas attack and what a Drew attack was mainly because of the effects you chose to you and how you color-coded them. It's clever.
    - Your transitions definitely need work. I felt scenes between different parts of the map happened way too fast for something I felt was mostly empty.
    - Your map is great just didn't feel like it was lived in, you know? Some other characters around or some police sirens oor something would have enhanced this by ten times.
    - Biggest thing. You gotta chill on the speedlines, I think for you it started to replace actual movement and dramatic shots. If something big needed to happen, speedline. The characters are falling. Speedline. Zoom in for a sword slice or a punch. Speedline. Just try and cut how you use them.

    Overall, with everything I said, I gotta give this to Kayas. While some things from Kayas I felt were too much and too distracting at times, Drew, I think there were things you could have brought to the table. Perfect animations otherwise. It's that I'd rather have too much food (Kayas), than not have enough (Drew). But REALLY good job, you two. Best MBR in a while.
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  8. Yeah, hey.

    You're the best Sprite animator I've ever seen. I've never seen someone make sprites move in a way so intricate. Sometimes it's so mind-boggling that it almost looks stupid until I take a second look. Your backgrounds, lighting, choreography, etc. are all so solid that there's very little I can speak on without sounding nitpicky, but part of giving critique includes (what I consider to be, at least) the cons of your work.

    I stated earlier how intricate and detailed everything is. It's fantastic. Despite this (and maybe it's because my 24 fps, no after effects ass can't fully comprehend this shit) I think your animation is a bit TOO over the top. I get that you're trying to win, and in my opinion, you did. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that I don't see some of your visuals as fluff sometimes. It's almost like you're flexing every bit of your animation muscles. Perfection should be strived for, but not in a way that seems as.. try hard? Maybe that's not the proper word.. idk. I just feel some of the visuals a tad unnecessary. This is a major nitpick and my MBR rank is a 60, so don't take my advice. It doesn't matter. *finger gun* *sunglasses emoji* *finger gun*

    My brother, my friend. You put up a great fight and I'm proud if your improvement. This is your best choreo to date and I love the environment you have set up as well even if it doesnt have all of the little details that kayas' contains. It's more simple and just as effective. I found myself focusing on your action much easier, as the backgrounds and effects weren't distracting me from what is meant to be the main focus of the animation. Your major flaw with your action sequences are the multiple pauses you'll have. Every time things start getting kinda juicy you kill the vibe with a close up or dialogue. Pauses are fine, but make sure that the dialogue is done less frequently. You could even make the dialogue occur while the characters go at it. Up to you. Everything else was pretty damn great.

    That being said, congrats kayas.
    You're attention to detail is so sharp that it's almost eerie, and the only thing sharper than that attention to detail is your character's edginess that you have so perfectly conveyed for us starving viewers. Take your vote. And now that this long ass wait is over, I hope to see more shit like this soon.​
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  9. 天下無双

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    JPG smacked this shit. Drew's gotten a lot better, but JPG's understanding of what makes fight scenes entertaining and more dynamic nailed it. There was... actual choreography in it. A noticeable, consistent flow with the fight that kept it at a satisfying pace. The use of 3D objects was handled way better, and I love how he experimented with a variety of different shots, especially for the dialogue.The sound design was incredibly solid, too. Your enthusiasm for japanese animation oozed from every second of this, and I appreciate the amount of time you put into refining even basic movements and shots. Drew definitely has the potential, and I think once he learns to really focus on and refine details, he'll be a lot more ahead of the curve than he is now. Aside from the Japanese not matching up with actual dialogue...

  10. Thewindyfan

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    drowning in college work
    At last, the MBR has come out and boy, you guys absolutely killed it. First off, great job to both of you because surely, we won't have a MBR quite like this in the foreseeable future. Overall, I really enjoyed the overall plot you guys created for this MBR regarding your guys' respective characters and the creativity shown in both entries puts a huge grin on my face.
    Now I'll begin with my thoughts on both entries before I cast my vote.

    Dude, you're an absolute mad lad. The composition of your shots are impeccable, and shit like the shot at 47 seconds and at the one minute marker were fantastic. I especially adored the attention to detail you put into showing the reflection of the map in the side mirror of the cop car, that's the kind of detail that really immerses a viewer in your animations. As for the fight itself, just....wow. Wow! I didn't realize how much farther you could go with your style of composition in making a fight scene interesting but here you are, literally being breath-taking. I absolutely adored the sequences of the shots of the fight and how well it flowed with each other, and the shot at 2:46 was especially astounding, to put it simply. If there was anything to be disappointed about, it was just the fact that the animation ended. Interesting idea to make a continuation between your guys' entries, but I felt it would have been cool to see you both do your own iterations of how this conflict would resolve.

    PS how the fuck did you go MadHouse with that map and raw lmfao fucking sick

    Jesus Drew, you never disappoint when it comes to your dialogue shots. I absolutely adored how you concluded the conflict between your guys' characters and the shots you used to better portray the resolutions met at the end of the battle. Your map was absolutely gorgeous and well-done, and I'm especially proud of the cool choreo choices you made - whether it was The Murderer being sent through a freaking wall or you guys fighting mid-air falling between buildings. One thing that fell kind of flat for me, however - and this might be in part due to the choice in you guys having your parts go off one another - was the lighting. I found it abrupt and just strange how we went from the dark tone set in Kayas' entry to upload_2019-7-14_13-3-10.png an alleyway or building interior that appears more lit up than it should be and upload_2019-7-14_13-4-8.png a shot of the more downtown portion of the city that appears like the fight is happening on a rainy afternoon rather than at night.
    As for the fight itself, I enjoyed the perspective shots you employed and how they flowed well with a majority of the fight, but there's 2 main things that kind of just fall short in this.

    1. The first portion of the fight's choreography. It was alright for the most part but there were certain...signature moves... I felt you kept using after a certain pattern developed in the beginning of the fight between the 2 characters. The pattern I noticed was your character being on the offensive, and then Kayas' character being on the offensive, and then something happens to give space between the two before your character would send an energy slash his way. It would be cool to keep using if only you tried to use it differently after the first couple of instances, in my personal opinion. Reason it kind of brings the quality of the fight down to me is because I was starting to be able to predict what was going to take place next rather than just be taken aback and entertained by the fight as a whole.
    2. The stiffness in attacks and pacing of attacks. Now as far as stiff movements go, I wouldn't say the fight is prevalent with it. But there are a few moments in the fight where the stiff movement of your character attacking the murderer or vice versa just kinda knocked me out of the immersion of the fight itself. Specifically points like 1:20 or the bit when they're fighting whilst falling down. The pacing is more of another issue that would take me more time to analyze and call attention to, but I would have to do that at another time.
    3. The redundant speed-lines. Honestly, this was one of the main things just kinda dragging the fight down for me. The first couple speedlines you used were alright, but then the speed-line that comes at an angle when your character knocks the Murderer into the building after the falling down sequence. It just didn't flow well for me and just felt kinda slapped in.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the conclusion to the fight you did and adored how you crafted the story, but the fight itself just was a bit underwhelming.

    Therefore, my vote will go to Kayas. In all honesty though, I was looking forward to Drew's entry a lot as well but great job to the both of you for setting the precedent for the new MBR system. This is going to be a classic for a long time.
  11. Heki

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    So, first of all, I really loved both animations. They were both executed so beautifully. While I do think the cinematics for Kayas was stronger, I wanna give my vote to Drew. His animation showed that rank doesn't mean anything, it's just the initial number given. His initial rank is silver, yet this animation shows great creativity with all the different camera angles and 3d aspects. The fighting choreography was just beautiful.
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  12. quentin galloway

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    This is the definition of worth the wait you both did splentastic, my reaction is psychotic I laugh and run I can't control myself, thank you for this wonderful gift, with it my patient and happiness are infinite. Also I vote for kayas, I want to choose both but you can't that's the rules, kayas animation is outstanding the way he his 3 dimensional in the battle and the way his character move and act is psychological awesome.
    Drew most of all I love your animation and how to angle it of the fight, both of the animation are my favorite, I don't know why not popular. Also thank you kayas for including me.:awesome:

    Edit: On second thought I want to change my vote to drew
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  13. Infinity


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    Well done to both of you!! :)

    Overall Animations(both animations): Not really much to say cause I'm not good with the cnc stuff but It felt kinda repetitive tho, because what I'm getting from the animations is that the killer fights someone then runs away then fights some AGAIN! then runs away AGAIN! and so on.

    Kayas: I generally really like your part especially the running sequence at the beginning and the building jumping sequence as well as the combat but that's about it.

    Drew: sorry but your part wasn't really appealing to me that much but there where some parts that I liked such as when they were both falling from the building and Your character was kicked through the building.

    But in the end my vote goes to Kayas because his was generally way more appealing to me in terms of dialogue and combat.
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  14. Zepto

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    Yorr. Pretty tacky place, if you ask me.
    You guys out here topping literally every MBR that has ever happened ever. I'm delighted with how much effort and dedication you guys put into your parts, which both exceed 5 minutes, like god damn what madmen.
    Kayas: Lets get this out of the way, your background work is masterful. You've managed to bring 2.5D into the 3rd dimension and your ambient lighting is the icing on the cake. Your action sequences are excellent as they usually are, maybe they're a little too good for maple sprites! Other than that there's maybe some skews and transforms that looked a little jank? Mainly looking at the shots at 2:20 (Drew's sword) and 3:40 (laser beam and sword). Critical eye aside, fantastic.

    Drew: First and foremost, hey man! Secondly, you did so well and I think this is your best animation so far. Your part would benefit from exploring intense lighting more, mainly to match Kayas's lighting, but if you guys didn't really share between each other then I get how an inconsistency like that would happen. Speaking of inconsistency, Immediately when the Killer goes in for his first strike, you poofed his knife into oblivion, where'd it go? There's a couple other times where you disappear the characters' weapons, and I sorta get why, but when you're trying to make a next level animation, you gotta keep the consistency for the audiences' sake.
    I'm not gonna admonish you any further than that because the rest of your animation is juicy. I love the music, I love the feeling, I love the eyecandy shots you pulled off, you did a great job and made the characters do some really cool stuff.

    I love your guys' work. It's thrilling to see this quality of animation in MBRs, or just in general. Drew, Kayas, go get yourselves a treat 'cause finished work like this deserves a celebration.
  15. Ownblade

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    Kayas, you have some pretty good choreography and map design. I also loved the soundtrack you used! Although, the scene at 2:40 had a lot going on in it and it took me a few rewinds and pauses to figure out what was going on. Drew, you did really well yourself, what lacked in map design and lighting in comparison to Kayas, you made up with very good dialogue scenes. As mentioned in other posts, the hits lacked a bit of oomph. I also noticed a bit of music sync there from 2:00 and a bit beyond but for some reason I found that it wasn't very noticeable. Possibly decrease the volume of the music?

    In the end, vote goes towards Kayas. God damn you both did a fantastic job!
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  16. Ossas

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    Earth...I think?
    Here we go

    First, I want to say a HUGE well done to both parties involved! You both have started this season with a bang and it was worth the wait. Once again congratulations to both of you.

    Now let's get into it. (I'll do my best to be brief, and please take this with the LARGEST grain o' salt)

    Pros: BRUH! This may be my favorite of yours. I see you've been tinkering in your shop. NNNNNNNNice. The main thing that really stuck out to me was the Camerawork. It was very immersive and at times felt like I was involved in the action as well. It was quite a fun ride. Even when you have background set pieces, it did not feel as if something was missing out on the rotations. Everything was involved with the camera: the characters as well as set pieces. Adding to that spice was also the different angles taken that really added to the "story" element of the challenge, as each angle told a different aspect of the overall story. Like how we see the murderer all dark with the city behind him as he goes for the kill. We see this shot from Drew's character perspective so we feel small. It's small sure, but it adds.

    Cons: Now I know I did say that the camerawork and fusion of world, character, and camera were good, it also has a downside. When using 3D movement with 2D sprites, it makes the sprites stand out more. What I'm trying to say is there were times when the camera was moving nicely, but you can tell the character was a 2D sprite, like when the murderer takes Drew's head and puts it to the wall, or the time when he stabs Drew in the arm. Those moments stood out a bit and took me out of the experience for a bit. We all want that fresh 3D anime look from attack on titan, but these are sprites so 2.5D is the best for us atm. And also while nice that we do have an active camera, maybe slow down the ride a bit, my head was spinning for some parts.

    Pros: Jesus! That improvement doe! You really have come a long way from your animations of days past. Seriously, great job my G. This will also be going into the animation study for sure. You have definitely been experimenting with camera angles. Again as stated before they are small things, but they do add to the story in a big way. I also really liked how you went for having more 3D backgrounds and having the killer jump on them. They didn't feel like they were there just to be there, they had a purpose. Then again your use of backgrounds have always fascinated me.

    Cons: Despite, the use of angles though I feel like there were more angles you could have added. Like when the killer chokes Desmond inside that building. Instead of cutting from the choking of Desmond to then him looking at his weapon, maybe have Desmond choked, his perspective of the killer (maybe him towering above him a hand on the neck with Desmond showing fatigue -shown by tilting of the camera up and down) and then cut to the weapon. Also sounds. I feel that you are a bit weak when it comes to sound effects as in the beginning of the fight I could have sworn I heard the same sound effect 3 times. It feels as if you are using one sound each time, instead of layering and creating a new unique sound for each hit. But again I'm not entirely sure, I'm just a guy.

    It's a shame that I can't be that dude and vote for both of ya so I guess I'll give my vote to Kayas. HOWEVER, from watching Drew's animation I am inspired to one day make my own profile as he has shown that rank doesn't define the artist (it can add for some sweet revenge later heh).

    To both of you,
    Thanks for starting MBRs with a bang. I'll be rooting for you all the way. The hard work you both put in is shown in both of your works and I hope MBRs of the future can use this as the foundation of greater things to come.

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  17. Xignius

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    Holy fucking shit! This was the best maplestory animation I've ever seen! Probably the best MBR out there too! Great job both of you!

    Both animations, choreography, action and dialogues were really good but I gotta give it to Kayas though.
    I liked his storytelling better than Drew's, and I also really liked the different angles he used (reminded me of Kimetsu No Yaiba's 3D animation which they do really well.)
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  18. Ryonari

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    Just here to make a comment as I will decline from voting.

    Both of you have raised the bar for maple animation, it honestly captured the essence of watching a modern anime for me. Your shots, the backgrounds, and the character animations are all executed very well! Cheers to the both of you!

    For those who don't know, the sequence I made for Desmond was at 3:47 for Kayas' part. I almost spat out my drink because I made that back in October last year. I never thought it'd see the light of day again. LMAO
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  19. Taki

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    Worth the wait.
    My vote will go to kayas. Holy shit, every scene was a piece of art, those subtle and detailed 3d backgrounds made me lose my mind. The pace was great, the story telling was good, the cinematics amazing, camera movement exciting.
    I could almost say the same about drew's animation, but kayas topped those points i mentioned. The biggest difference was in the scenery compositions. Drews scenes leaves so much empty space and you are forced to focus too much on the 3d environment, which wouldn't be bad if at least it had more details to look at.

    Congratulations on creating this historical moment. It's a huge honor to have my art being used as your thumbnails.
  20. Dally

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    Paleozoic Canadia

    Holy Bombastic Summers & Christmases, that was some good stuff. <3

    Oh my god, your part was just oozing with details, right down to the very differently-elevated tiles on the floor. Your attention to detail on the maps are absolutely well-done, that I can truly believe the city is alive in your animation.
    The cinematic angles as the fight goes on is also excellent to see, with so many sprites made for specific angles really gives the animation some depth for me. I especially like that shot where the Murderer was able to take pieces of his knife mid-air to quickly attack to show his resourcefulness to adaptation.
    However, there are some off things, such as Drew’s blood disappearing from his head for one angle at 2:50 and the dumpster’s lid being a little too large at 3:13, along with the lack of shadows underneath the characters.
    There are also some times (in an entertainment perspective), the dialogue is kinda meh from the murderer going on and on about his meal, but I can understand as it’s how the Murderer’s traits are, along with due to Drew’s character being mute(if that’s what Drew’s instructions show), but you were able to present Drew’s character’s expressions very well during the fight.

    I absolutely love your animation, it really pulls risks in showing the distance of the fight more so than Kayas, from being in the streets, to the inside of a building, and finally, to the rooftop that really engages the viewer of the fight. I especially like the camera shots that show the character as the majority of the shot to reduce negative space.
    However, there are some glaring things to me, the map settings feel a bit empty to me. There were almost no people or passing cars, along with a lack of contrast in lighting which make the city more like a ghost town than a thriving nightlife. It’s also because of the emptiness of the city that also emphasizes the lack of shadows underneath the characters very prevalent, which you and Kayas’ animations have a problem with.
    There is also a few little nitpicks I was a little iffy about; when the Murderer jumps upwards to the rooftop, why did he just stand by the ledge? After all, he is trying to run from Desmond. Perhaps you could’ve shown the Murderer still running to the ledge and stop as he senses Desmond reach the rooftop. When the fight’s location shifted to the random building, you’d think the Murderer would notice Desmond trying to reach his weapon and push it away, but I’m guessing it shows the Murderer’s single-mindedness in harming his target, along with him not knowing Desmond’s weapon can repel his lol.

    I give Kayas my vote. I’m too much of a sucker for his map details, along with the shifting cinematic angles he makes to engage the viewers of the fight. Drew’s was also an amazing animation of him using more and more different angles to create a more cinematic fight, however, the feeling of emptiness in his maps of constant lighting and lack of details really dampened my enjoyment of his animation. Congratulations to you two on making one of the best MBRs I’ve ever seen and I hope to see more of you two’s work in the future(and of course, everyone else’s who made an MBR profile~)
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