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    • MBR Season 2 Duration: Dec 26th-March 31st
    • Minimum Duration for MBR: 3 Days (Animation), 1 Day (Everything Else)
    • Minimum Time for MBR: 15 Second (Animations)
    • 1v1 MBR’s + 2v2 MBR’s are eligible
    • MBR Demo’s still can be from over a year ago, but not too far back lol
    • Blacklisted themes are gone. Freestyle and 1v1’s (along with its synonyms) are gone - this means you can have 1v1’s assuming you put it under a unique theme and animate it like so (e.g. street fight, train fight, etc.) Contextualise them.
      Freestyle ironically lacks creativity. Limiting yourself to a certain context leads to more ideas to see how much you can stretch out from that one idea than what's ultimately going to be a bash.
    • Last season, core theme was something to be integrated into an animation like a story, but from this season onwards, it will just add event MBR’s (see below). So now:
      Core Theme will now be called Main Event
      will once again be called Themes
    • If a profile has not participated in an MBR in 3 seasons, their profile will be locked and closed. You can DM to unlock it if you do decide to participate.

    • Anyone can challenge up to diamond now instead of only platinums, it will be 50 points like usual. 30 points for platinums to challenge diamonds.

    • You can challenge 1 rank below you. The lower rank is eligible for 50 points if this is the case but will only lose a maximum of 30. The higher rank will get 30. E.g. Golds can challenge Silvers but not Bronzes, Silvers can challenge Bronzes, etc.

    • If the reverse happens, where the lower rank challenges any rank higher than them (including one rank above), the lower rank will can gain up to 50 points for the win but also risk losing up to 50 points. The higher rank will only be eligible for up to 30 points.

    • This thread is the leaderboards for MBR's and you will be added so as long as you:
      • Participated in an MBR this season or the last.
      • Got a rerank.
      • Submit an MBR as long as you have a ranked profile.
    • The minimum duration for an MBR is 3 days for an animation, 1 day for anything else.
    • You get an automatic 1 week extension.
    • You request an extra week extension but you get a 2 point deduction.
    • Unfinished animations subtract 3 points.
    • Forfeiting before ¼ through the deadline will count as a no contest. Nothing happens.
    • Forfeit once = -30 Points
    • Forfeit twice = -30 Points + 2 Week MBR Ban
    • Forfeit thrice = -30 Points + Seasonal MBR Ban
    • If A Forfeits but B submits an animation, they get the full 30.
    • You are allowed to do pre-production prior to a challenge in order for preparation time, but production and post-production must be done post-challenge. Obviously, we can’t monitor or check for this so we’re putting that trust in you.
      • Pre-production goes as far as: scripting, storyboarding, sounds, music and maps.
      • Production is: animation, editing, etc.

    The two admins of MM are at heads, you will randomly be placed in either Team Karasu or Team Neil with a sum of points for each. It is your job to MBR as much as you can and gather up points while taking minimal losses to come out with more points than the other team before the season ends to see which side will end up taking the precious jewel… The item that cannot be purchased… The crown…

    Be sure to check this thread for updates. Your profile will randomly assign a team you will be on and the sum will dictate the value for each team, a loss on your end will result in a loss on the total, be sure to rack up wins and have the most points by the end of the season!​



    Check your profile to see which team you've been assigned to (this won't affect your MBR's so don't think about it too much). Just MBR as you have and this thread will update per win/loss.

    The following are a list of changes/updates to the season.


    Since the main event (core theme) isn’t something integrated into the animation but something external from it, on top of blacklisted themes no longer being eligible for an MBR, this means you can always get 30 points from an MBR (assuming it doesn’t get deducted for being unfinished or using the extra week - losing 3 and 2 MBR points respectively).

    Themes (formerly sub-themes) are contexts to focus your animation around, e.g. escort mission, boss battle, a race between two people, comedic based animations like animating yourself in mario kart or whatever, etc.

    You can also challenge for 50 points for any rank above you. You can also do a ‘deathmatch’ and stake the max amount of MBR points you both have (e.g. if A has 120 points, and B has 180 points, the max point bet is 120). You can’t wager more than you have.

    You can also wager MBRQ points.

    Challenges go like so:

    Due Date:
    Time Limits (Min and/or Max):

    Format for MBR’s:

    Theme (or Event):
    Due Date (+Extensions if any):
    Time Limits (Min and/or Max):




    Just to make it very clear, if you win, you get up to:​
    • 30 points between the same-ranked participants, if a higher rank challenges one below and Platinums vs Diamonds​
    • 50 points on a win if a lower rank beats a higher rank regardless of who challenged​

    No more 15 points or whatever cause blacklisted themes are removed and main events (formerly core theme) will no longer be integrated into animations - just changing up the format every season to keep things interesting.

    You can lose up to:​
    • 30 points on a regular MBR between the same-ranked participants, if a higher rank challenges a lower rank (for both participants), Platinums vs Diamonds​
    • 50 points if a lower ranked participant loses to a higher ranked participant that the lower ranked challenged themselves​

    You think you got a lot better since your last placement rank? Well instead of ranking up again, you are eligible to a rerank with a new demo so as long as it fits under the guidelines established last time. There will be no profile review and you will only get a new rank if it is higher. If the rerank is lower - it will not be changed. Otherwise you can just continue from where you left off last season, this is completely optional. You can only get the rerank if you have not MBR’d yet this season. To commemorate the release of the new season, everyone is eligible for a free rerank. However, next time you will need to purchase them with MBRQ Points and use them at the beginning of the next season.

    To get a rerank, just contact a member of a Team Member in your particular area (e.g. Animation Team for Animation Profiles) through the MBR-MBRQ channel on the Maplemation Discord and just @ us or contact us through any other means.

    Now, what are MBRQ Points you ask? Well...


    MBRQ’s are back and with a vengeance. An updated board of challenges has been made (and if you want to find out what MBRQ’s are on top of other stuff) click here to go see it, new and old sets to do if you do not want to participate in an MBR. You can get MBRQ Points from it. Those are points you can get from doing MBR’s and MBRQ’s. They are the currency used for something else instead of a competitive rank value.

    How to get MBRQ Points:
    • 4 MBRQ Points - Completing an MBRQ Successfully (see the MBRQ thread for more detailed)
    • 4 MBRQ Points - For Winning an MBR
    • 2 MBRQ Points - For Losing an MBR
    • X MBRQ Points - Wager MBR’s (see above)
    Now what are MBRQ Points used for you ask? It also goes towards the newly introduced items mechanic!


    Items are used to boost points or affect the match in some sort of way. They cost MBRQ Points and can be purchased to buy the following items that do the following things:​
    • (3 MBRQ Points) Quill and Ink [​IMG] - Name change
    • (3 MBRQ Points) Paint Brush [​IMG] - Name color change
    • (3 MBRQ Points) Extension [​IMG] - Grants a free week extension
    • (7 MBRQ Points) Extension x2 [​IMG] - Grants a free 2 week extension
    • (3 MBRQ Points) Bonus [​IMG] - Gives you an extra 5 points when winning or losing an MBR
    • (7 MBRQ Points) Bonus x2 [​IMG] - Gives you an extra 10 points when winning or losing an MBR
    • (5 MBRQ Points) Cap off [​IMG] - Increases point pool by 10 points (for user if won)
    • (10 MBRQ Points) Rerank [​IMG] - You get an MBR profile rerank
    • (VICTORY) The Crown [​IMG] - Awarded to winning side of the Civil War where everyone there can get MBRQ points to spend on more items or for Jaycie’s 3D Model Shop. See below!
    The most contributing gets 10.
    The 2nd most contributing gets 8.
    The rest get 5.

    You must be an active participant to be eligible for the crown. Meaning if you do not participate in an MBR, you will not get the rewards if your team does win.

    Also to commemorate the end of the first season of the new MBR system, everyone with MBR profiles got 6 MBRQ Points for free! New profiles will also get 6 MBRQ Points to start off with. Spend them wisely!

    You can purchase items here by making a post of which ones you want to buy and a mod or team member will edit that into your profile.​

    You can spend MBRQ points you earn for a 3D Model of your Maple character. Click this thread for more info.

    As stated above, everyone with MBR profiles (both existing ones and newly made ones) gets 6 MBRQ points! To purchase items, simply comment below what you want and a mod or team member will approve of it and add it to your MBR profile and account while deducing the right amount of MBRQ points it costs.​


    To help promote activity, we’re introducing EMBR's! A special variant on the normal competitive MBR's. The following will be a bonus challenge, where if you challenge someone using this theme and submit it by this week, you can earn more points + MBRQ Points. It’s treated kind of like a collab where you submit your entries to the team members to upload and it will all be showcased every 2 days on that week. Because it’s during that week, there are only 2 slots per event available - one person can sign up for 2 max. All event MBR’s will go on the YouTube channel (compiled).

    Event 1: 2v2 Debut

    Any date and aired immediately when completed.
    Special slideshow feature.
    Also as a bonus, since 2v2 MBR’s are being introduced, the first participants to do it will get 20 points each for a win, and 10 points each for a loss. No loss in points for this one. You can either collaborate on one entry together or post 2 seperate, but both need to be consistent in this format.

    First come first serve. 1 Slot available.

    Theme is up to participants and the ranks do not matter for this first one.

    Afterwards it will be like normal but you are still able to 2v2 but as long as both parties are within a rank of each other. These will be non-event 2v2's.


    Event 2: Obstacle Course

    Due: 13th January - Submit to Animation Team
    Aired: The week immediately following
    50 Point Victory Pool + 4 MBRQ Points + Bonus 2x + Cap Off
    Special Slideshow Feature

    Try a map designed by map team (you can pick which) or design your own, for your character to parkour in and reach the end! Hell, they don’t even have to make it there. Have some asshole control and mess around with the stage trying to make it hard for your character. Implement some comedy, be creative! 3 Slots Available, 2 for each map.

    Click the title of the map to download the .psd which you can import into Flash/Animate.

    Maps (made by @Dally )


    Time Limits (Min and/or Max): 30 Second MBR (Min + Max)


    Event 3: Bank Robbery!

    Due: 17th February - Submit to Animation Team
    Aired: The week immediately following
    40 Point Victory Pool + 4 MBRQ Points + Cap Off
    Special Slideshow Feature

    This theme is split up into multiple phases. An infiltration into a bank that you are trying to rob. Try to limit the fighting and go for more of a stealth approach - or if that’s not up your alley, add some action by having them on the run from cops if things go south! 2 Slots Available.

    Time Limits (Min and/or Max): 1 Minute MBR (Min + Max)


    Event 4: Missing Pet

    Due: 16th March - Submit to Animation Team
    Aired: The week immediately following
    50 Point Victory Pool + 4 MBRQ Points + Extension 2x + Cap Off
    Special Slideshow Feature

    Try to find your pet with non-lethal means. No fighting in this one. Either try to catch it, ask around for information, etc. Try to show off your character in more than some action and let’s see their personalities shine in this. 2 Slots Available.

    Time Limits (Min and/or Max): 1 Minute MBR (Min + Max)



    You sign up by commenting on this thread by linking your profile and your opponent’s profile - the rank rules above don’t apply. These are special MBR’s. As long as you have ranked profiles; regardless of your individual ranks, go crazy on who you challenge. It is first come first serve. This is so as long as you both agree to it.

    Okay, now shoo. Go away. Go MBR.

    Also special thank you to @Karasu with some assistance from @Heki for the subheader banners that spruced up this thread!​
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