MBR: Sungod Vs BAnims

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  1. SunGod

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    MBR: Sungod vs banims
    Core theme: Story
    Sub Theme: Freestyle
    Due Date: 2 weeks August 16th - August 30th (Extended to September 13th)
    Animation Time Limit: 1 to 2 Minutes


    Note: This MBR takes place in the same cannon as the MBR with sean


    Note: I tried ​
  2. FaZe Cole

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    Jun 5, 2015
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    Now, this is really epic, SunGod gets my vote, His camera work and lively animation really show how good and far he has come.
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  3. quentin galloway

    quentin galloway Good with autism

    Nov 3, 2018
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    All right you know what my vote is, is GodSun, it just his animation is smooth,the camera angle are marvelous and Banims it was funny and short, I just like how Godsun is develop his animation and the atmosphere, your truly are the GodSun my friends. I The fight animation through
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    Only current downside I see to your animations is that they can still be a little hard to follow story wise.
    I realize that there is a canon of sorts that I may not be fully caught up on, so even this opinion of mine
    could just be based on the fact that I don't even watch maple animations or even youtube at all anymore. Great stuff.

    BA, even from this 24 second, unfinished animation, your talent is evident.
    I think I've only seen one finished work of yours, so my best piece of advice for you is to finish what you've started.
    I know life happens, and sometimes it isn't as easy as it seems to just get up and finish an animation if you're busy.
    But if you know you're busy, you probably shouldn't take up MBRs or collab parts to begin with. I hope to see another
    fully completed work of yours soon. The skills are there.

    Voting SUNGOD, and back to my grave I go.
  5. Infinity


    Sep 5, 2016
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    I like what I see here

    Sungod: your animation overall was really entertaining and enjoyable to watch, but there are some parts that didn't really make sense to me like around 40 seconds where vi and B animate suddenly switched positions during and after the punch that vi did. ( this is also kinda a nitpick but I had to point that out) and I hate to say it but with the fight scene, the camera was all over the place (it might just be me but sometimes it hard to follow what's going on) other than that the animation was really good, keep up the good work.

    B-animates: from what I see here there's really not a whole lot to critique here, but then again there really is much to watch either (not to be rude or anything). I really like the angled shot at the beginning of the animation it was very well executed, but then we get to the part where Vi's head comes in. The part where he says "FLESH" was poorly executed I can't lie, but it just overall looked strange to me, other than that it wasn't bad.

    You both did a great job but I can only vote for one and that vote will go to Sungod due to the fact that his part was more entertaining and finished "cough cough"
  6. DJTiki

    DJTiki Yes

    May 1, 2016
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    Mimiga Island

    You're improving at a good rate man, huge props for that.

    Your perspective shots are getting decently better though I feel you can still touch it up. There's instances where perspective shots don't actually match the placement of the map itself. Like in 0:43, where the hell is the telephone poll for the rest of the animation against BA? Also, you kinda teleported the maps. Where's the garden and the slide during the fight? Don't brush over these tiny details, it can take people out the animation. EDIT: Yes, I do understand BA got knocked a far distance but Vi never moves from his position and BA is the one to start the main fight. There is nothing implying a scene change.

    Animation is about what I expect from you now. That isn't precisely a bad thing. Your thing is comedy but you never let that take away from the fight itself which is needed. Combat's smooth, impacts are just right, but your colors are harsh to look at. Maybe it's my poor eyesight but in the day scene you should have made the brightness just slightly down since all the tiles and warm colors blend into each other. During the Sean jumping Vi, there should have been a bit more contrasting elements for the characters.

    Please, please PLEASE stop making the text fly by at 120fps. Here's a tip for making text. Actually say the text out loud and time yourself saying it outloud how you think your characters would deliver it. Take that time and then multiply it by 1.25x or 1.5x. Not everyone is a fast reader and your jokes won't land as well as they do without the text being read (unless you get these voice acted). Paired with the fact your text doesn't immediately pop out at first glance, give your viewers time.

    Story-wise, I have no issues. It fits your theme. Your character and your ideas. Even playing into how everyone just calls him "Glitch" actually made me laugh... on the second rewatch. Again, make that text slower, my guy.

    All these negatives make it seem like I hated the animation when in reality, I feel its your best so far. These issues I feel are consistent elements across all your animations. Pat them down and you'll see improvement ten-fold.


    My dude. My guy. You have to finish your animations. There isn't really much for me here to pick apart. Your animation fundies are used relatively well, I guess. But when I still see the alignment line and unfinished parts of your map, that is a tell-tale sign you didn't utilize your time properly.

    Also, take note of the theme here. It is a Story Core theme. I did expect some sort of story that wasn't just animating over some funny audio. I did come into this expecting to learn at least a little more about your character but didn't get that here. Next time, really aim for that Story (assuming you do this theme again).

    Overall, gotta hand it to SunGod. Even if his problems are consistent, I at least came out of here entertained and knowing that the parts he is good at (sound design especially for the most part), I felt it was a complete work. BA, work on managing your time better or iron out the ideas for your animations so they are memorable.
  7. PositiveVibesJoe

    Apr 7, 2017
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    LIGHT! MY BOI! Gollyyyyy, I know you're really good when it comes to animating but DANG BRUUU, YOUR SKILLS HAVE DEVELOPED...EVEN FURTHER BEYONDDDDD! You definitely got my vote.

    Man, I loved your animation from start to finish. The lively dialogue, comedy, fluid animation and overall just feel of it was spot on. Keep improving fam and ALWAYS GO BEYOND....PLUSSS ULTRAAAA!

    As for Banims, bro, your animation looks pretty dope and I most definitely saw the potential it had of being amazing...if only you finished it. Never challenge someone if you're not gonna stick it through till the end.
  8. Alex303

    Alex303 The three hundred and third Alex

    Aug 28, 2016
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    Sungod: I really like your introduction everything flowed really nicely except the text was a little fast. your use of rigging and dynamic shots really made your animation a joy to watch you got my vote

    BA: I know everyons said this already, but I really wish you finished. It looked intresting so far and the prespective shot at the beginning was a nice touch. All in all theres not much to say, but I hope you do longer animations in the future good job.

    Alright im off to join Dan in the grave cya later
  9. Neil

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    Votes are 7-0 in SunGod's favor.
    SunGod - 117 (+15)
    BAnims - 35 (-50)
    Locking the thread.
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