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    Hi guys. It's Shulkle here!

    We're back with these MBRQs you all adore so much! Never have the time to do an actual competition with others? Are you scared that you're going to lose to other people? Or do you just want some sort of inspiration? Well, look no further! I, the one and only, Shulkle, will give a rundown of some neat activities you can do aside from sitting on your butt and playing video games.

    In here, you will find various challenges that you can take!
    Be sure to read the
    FAQs section to learn all about MBRQs.

    Some General Notes:

    • There is no deadline for these MBRQs.
    • Exceptional work may be uploaded to the official MM YouTube channel by request, but no one really ever does this. It's still a thing though!
    • Returning quests from previous seasons may be repeated once again. Do not use your same entry as last time.
    • Have fun and don't procrastinate, even if there is no deadline!
    Let me tell you guys a secret. You don't need to push yourself to make something fantastic and over the top, unless you're dedicated, then I applaud you. I did 2 MBRQs within 1 week and got 2 free MBR points for making two 13 second GIF animations. I'm serious, there's evidence of me doing so. You know a guy named Miles right? Well, let's do some math, shall we? Let's say you spend about 1 week per 1-minute animation. Assuming you animate them in good quality, you'll get your point. In 10 weeks, you can get 10 MBR points. With these MBR points, you can get $25 games off this guy right here. http://maplemation.com/threads/shop-miles-mbr-emporium.33718/ He's loaded (because no one bought anything from him yet), so you don't have to worry about him not getting what you want. Now, 10 weeks might be a stretch, and you want to get your game sooner. Alright, instead of breaking your back with a single godlike animation, how about just making an animation that isn't awful or something that shows you put a fair amount of effort to get you a pass. To me, it'd probably only take 2-3 completely free days (I wish I had free days). Congratulations, you managed to cut down 10 weeks into 5-7 weeks. So in 2 months, or 1 month even if you're a god, you can get an actual high-quality game for $59.99. That means if you spend enough time and effort into an animation, or in my case, just effort and not as much time, that means you don't have to rummage through your mom's credit card to get that amazing video game. Pretty cool right? Now get to it, Miles' pockets are too full for his own good.


    NEW Story Driven Maplestory Music Video
    Objective: With SpooperKimXD as our newer staff member, the girl animator who doesn't do fights, why not create an MBRQ just for that crowd. Make an MMV with an actual plot. Simple. It's better than just lip-syncing to a song and riggings that break arms.

    NEW Game style replica
    Objective: Rather than recreating some random scene or cutscene of a video game, how about actually replicating the gameplay of the said game, with your Maplestory characters! Identical huds, sfx, vfx and maybe even the animation styles would probably help with this. (SpritersResource is your best friend)

    NEW Runaway train
    Objective: There's a train. You missed it because you're a lazy bum or some other reason. Now go get it. Barely get on the train, destroy the train, get to the train as soon as you get to your destination yourself, do something with that runaway train.

    NEW Space is ok
    Objective: Make an animation that involves something in space. It could be a fight in the moon, where everyone has balloon physics, or someone trying to get to space or animate a kindergarten song involving space. Maybe shoot someone to Mars. Anything that involves the outer region.

    NEW I'll Face Myself
    Objective: You know that event SpaceKimXD is hosting? Well, how about creating an animation fighting yourself? Someone else has impersonated you, and it's time to take back your identity!

    NEW School setting
    Objective: When I played Maplestory, I liked going through the Friend story questline. So, how about animating a scenario as if your own OC is going through a certain activity in school. This one is pretty broad, but you could animate any event in school as if they were a student of the said school. Interact with others, get beat up by a bully, eat alone in lunch, do something school related!

    NEW Elemental Fighter
    Objective: Have 2 different characters of different elements face off! Water vs. Fire, Electricity vs. Earth, so forth and so forth. Be creative with how you want those 2 effects to interact!

    Summer Sundae
    Objective: Create a short involving ice cream. There are a number of things you can do with this. Chuck an ice cream at someone. Have a possessed ice cream. Make a 10-hour clip of a poor man eating ice cream. You can even do some Maple porn with that thing if you're so desperate.

    Collab Trailer
    Objective: If you're working on a collab this year, make a trailer for it! The trailer itself doesn't have to be amazing, just something to show any kind of hype for what you're working on. Heck, you're working more of the collab than a trailer right? Otherwise, you'll look like the collab given in the example. This is still a good example of what to make, but man this sure didn't come out the same year.

    Color Wars
    Objective: Talk about a throwback! Create a fight scene involving colors or characters on different colored teams! Wouldn't it be great if these kinds of animations were made again as a throwback? I'd sure want to animate something of that sort! Must at least be 30 seconds long. You'd probably animate more than 30 anyway since it's a throwback to something like this.

    Melee Madness
    Objective: As an alternative to regular 1v1 MBRs, create an epic fight between two characters with Maple or anime sprites. Basically, cinematics and something that isn't as basic as one guy combos, the other guy comes, wash, rinse, repeat. Do something that'll blow peoples' minds and think highly of you!

    Animated Short
    Objective: Create a short of any genre. Must have a coherent story and/or theme. A story-driven animation with any sort of ulterior theme in there would work out.
    Beautiful example here. (Animator: PathofHeaven)

    Character Origins
    Objective: Create a short that introduces your OC in a creative, entertaining manner. Must have a cohesive story...or at the very least give an insight of what your character outside of a fight or something. Basically adding characterization to your OC.
    Great example here. (Animator: Jaycie)

    Gaming Short
    Objective: Create any kind of skit based on any video game franchise or genre. In fact, you could just replicate a video cutscene you'd grown up with. Recreate something you've adored and still have deep in your heart!
    Can be an animated short or parody. Example right here (even this noob animated one)

    Maple Anime
    Objective: Create an anime parody or tribute using Maple characters. Please be careful if you use copyrighted audio though. We do not own said protection rights. It's pretty much "gaming short" except with anime. In fact, you can probably go get an abridged version of an anime, recreate that, and it'll work out.

    Lock n' Load
    Objective: Create an action or comedy short that involves guns. Lots of guns. Raining guns. Make a gun bash and it'll be easy points as long as it looks legitimate.

    Objective: Create any kind of skit that celebrates the return of an OC (original character). It could have a story or just some hyper-cool fight animation that hints at his return.

    "Hands Off the Booty!"
    Objective: Show your character fighting through pirates and/or island cannibals to reach the treasure buried on the island.

    Anime Opening of sorts

    Objective: Another MMV related one, or even regular animators can do this! Create an anime opening of sorts. You can base it on the people in Maplemation, or you could be hardcore and try replicating the anime itself as close as possible. It may be difficult to bypass Youtube's broken filter, but hey, if you can do it, go right ahead.


    NEW My True Self 2: The one that doesn't force people to draw.
    Objective: Create a wallpaper with a theme based on an OC. For this one, you can make a creative edit of sorts, where you put your character on there and make some fancy backgrounds of sorts using existing map pieces. You can even go further beyond and pull some insane perspective skills with your OC character edits. Some pretty neat examples right here: http://maplemation.com/threads/traceys-still-images-edited-sprites.33619/

    NEW Did I improve?
    Objective: Take the first, or second, or whatever sprite you made when you first started, and remake it! Make it better than when you first started!

    Objective: Create your best version of Arthur's sword. Can be inspired by best girl Saber in Fate/Stay Night, or some other game that had the word "Excalibur" for that matter.

    Go Big or Go Home
    Objective: Create a ruby greatsword or any kind of giant royal arm. We all love big swords in our animations, don't we?

    Diamonds and Pearls
    Objective: Create a weapon that integrates pearls or diamonds in its design. This is good practice for shading and lighting contrast! It also helps to make this by telling someone else you're better than them if you sprite the jewelry better.

    Flames of Fury
    Objective: Create a fire-based elemental weapon.

    N-Notice me Senpai
    Objective: Create a sprite of an OC...in a custom swimsuit.

    Objective: Create an npc or Maple version of Caesar or any kind of ape from the Planet of the Apes prequels. I never watched that movie, but hey, monkeys are cool.

    The Last Jedi
    Objective: Create an NPC or character based on the Star Wars trilogy, or any character in the star wars universe.

    Fantasy Bladez
    Objective: Create a sword inspired by a signature weapon in an RPG. Even more reason to sprite a sword!

    Back to the Past!
    Objective: Create an npc or character based on the Samurai Jack universe!

    Anime NPC
    Objective: Take any anime character and sprite him/her/it into a MapleStory NPC. Must be an original sprite.

    Game NPC
    Objective: While at it, let's add games too! Take any character from a favorite game of yours and sprite him into a MapleStory NPC. Must be an original sprite.

    Multipurpose Weapon
    Objective: Sprite a weapon that can transform from a sword to a shield, or ax to a bow, or even make your own weapon that can be 2 different at the same time!


    NEW I'm you and you're me 2: The repeated idea
    Objective: Go draw yourself in someone else' clothes, and do the same with that someone else!

    Seasonal Serenity
    Objective: Create a scenery drawing or painting with any specific season. Winter, summer, spring, etc.

    Party On
    Objective: Create a portrait or painting of a party or holiday celebration involving 2 or more characters.

    Smile this Season
    Objective: Create a portrait of a character dressed in a festive attire. Make it exquisite! Or just match it to any holiday that you'd celebrate. You could do a Christmas one in the summer and it'd be ok.

    My True Self
    Objective: Create a wallpaper with a theme based on an OC. Unlike the other one, you actually have to draw. Really, this is free points if you like drawing people.

    Maple Bonfire
    Objective: Create a painting or drawing of MM members or your friends chilling at a campfire. Go sing a campfire song while you're at it if you want.

    Typography Challenge
    Objective: Create a building for Maplemation HQ with a custom logo design. Whatever you believe this website looks like. Maybe not a dumpster, because that'd hurt our feelings. :c

    Nom Nom Nom
    Objective: Draw a character DEVOURING (or just casually eating/drinking) his or her favorite food. The very same one that people actually do. Or at least 2 people.


    NEW Video Game Fever
    Objective: Use any video game as a reference, and try to replicate it as close as possible using only Maplestory map pieces.

    Summer Slaying
    Objective: Create a summer-themed battle arena.

    Sandy Shores
    Objective: Create a peaceful beach or summer-themed map. Something beautiful and/or surreal.

    Aqua Hidden Fortress (Not a Kurosawa reference lol)
    Objective: Create an underwater military base or prison facility.

    Age of Aku
    Objective: Create a map based on the future ruled by Aku in the series Samurai Jack!

    Oceanic Challenge
    Objective: Create an undersea map without aquaroad props/sprites

    The Future
    Objective: Create a futuristic map. Can include sci-fi or apocalyptic elements! Be creative!

    Objective Object
    Objective: Incorporate a particular map object in your map 5 times. Must be of creative effort, not just spammed 5x.


    NEW Recreation of a fairy tale
    Objective: You know about stuff like Alice in Wonderland, or The Beanstalk right? Go make a small abridged version of it as a comic.

    Holiday Havoc
    Objective: Create a summer holiday themed comic!

    Action Thriller
    Objective: Create an action-oriented comic.

    Once Upon a Time
    Objective: Create a comic with an enthralling short story. Be creative!

    That's all that we got as now! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message on Maplemation and/or Discord. Hope to see how this plays out!
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    At last, I can retire.
    Jk I'm glad some of mine and 2K's ideas are still present. Thanks for putting this together Shulkle! Love the new ideas too (Y)


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    Let me know if anyone needs help with these!!!!
    I'm also going to CnC your final product if you do one of those :^)
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    Be ready flame my junk when I get my stuff together to start clearin these for improvement
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    Are mbrq's still a thing?
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    Yeah, we'll get to making new challenges soon.
    Locking this thread though. Forgot to earlier.
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