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    Not interested in having a competitive MBR against someone else? Want something casual? Or want an alternative way earning of MBRQ points? Well this is the place for you - a list of challenges composted by team members for you to do. Now, since the old FAQ thread was also included in the wipe, I’m gonna reintroduce what MBRQ’s are for the newer peeps.

    What are MBRQ’s?

    Solo challenges to do from a variety on the board below. It is up to you to choose what you want to do. There is an MBRQ for each medium (Animation, Art, Sprites and Map).

    What do I get from doing an MBRQ?

    You can earn MBRQ points, a separate currency from MBR points. You earn 4 MBRQ points for doing a challenge in an MBRQ or for doing an MBR. Those MBRQ points can be used for items or for other things - see below.

    Your video will also be featured on the slider on the homepage as well as go on the YouTube channel upon completion (it needs to be finished). If you don’t want that, just dm a mod in advance.

    How do I go about doing an MBRQ?
    • You need an MBR Profile but you do not need an MBR Demo or Rank if you just plan on doing MBRQ’s.​
    • Pick a challenge you like from the boards below (you don’t need to post if you want to do it, but you can if you do want to - it’s optional).​
    • You may also redo challenges you have done already.​
    • No deadlines, so take however much time you want.​
    • When you’re done, just make a post on the colosseum of your MBRQ.​
    • You still need to comment to vote with a reasoning on why. No polls.​
    • While not recommended, you can put unfinished works too - but it may impact peoples’ votes.​

    How do I get MBRQ Points?
    • 4 MBRQ Points - Completing an MBRQ Successfully​
    • 4 MBRQ Points - For Winning an MBR​
    • 2 MBRQ Points - For Losing an MBR​
    • 0 MBRQ Points - Unsuccessful MBRQ​
    • X MBRQ Points - Wager MBR’s (see MBR Season 2 Thread)​

    Click here to check out the old MBRQ threads to get an idea of what they’re about:

    What can I do with MBRQ points?

    They are used for the newly introduced items! See more on the MBR Season 2 page by clicking here!
    Comment below this thread to purchase an item and a mod will add it onto your profile under your rank.

    MBR Items:
    • (3 MBRQ Points) Quill and Ink [​IMG] - Name change​
    • (3 MBRQ Points) Paint Brush [​IMG] - Name color change​
    • (3 MBRQ Points) Extension [​IMG] - Grants a free week extension​
    • (7 MBRQ Points) Extension x2 [​IMG] - Grants a free 2 week extension​
    • (3 MBRQ Points) Bonus [​IMG] - Gives you an extra 5 points when winning or losing an MBR​
    • (7 MBRQ Points) Bonus x2 [​IMG] - Gives you an extra 10 points when winning or losing an MBR​
    • (5 MBRQ Points) Cap off [​IMG] - Increases point pool by 10 points (for user if won)​
    • (10 MBRQ Points) Rerank [​IMG] - You get an MBR profile rerank (see MBR Season 2)​


    You can spend MBRQ points you earn for a 3D Model of your Maple character. Click this thread for more info.

    Also if you read that MBR Season 2 page thread… everyone with MBR profiles (both existing ones and newly made ones) gets 6 MBRQ points! To purchase items, simply comment below what you want and a mod or team member will approve of it and add it to your MBR profile while deducing the right amount of MBRQ points it costs. Also on the thread is that the rerank is a free offer if you do it in a week of the thread’s release! Do it quick!

    Now onto the main meat… Challenges! More will be added given that MBRQ’s are being done between seasons. Again, you get 4 MBRQ points for successfully completing a challenge but 0 MBRQ points if you fail.

    Minimum 1 minute 30 seconds for all of these (excluding intro and outro stuff)

    Mob Battle
    Have your character be a god of war and take out hordes of fodder with easy all dynasty style or whatever you choose.

    Boss Battle
    Animate your character battling against a huge monster. However! It would be cool if you implemented other mechanics than a straight up battle, e.g. RPG Elements, etc.

    Game Recreation
    Recreate a cutscene moment from a game, or recreate a video-game like animation with matching HUD, SFX, VFX, etc.

    MMV/Anime Opening
    Try to make an MMV or Anime Opening with sprites (make sure it’s not copyrighted either). If good enough, can make it as the Maplemation opening to be used for a while!

    Back to School
    Try animating something school related! It could be studying for exams, classroom hijinks, lunch break, trying to ask out a girl to prom, preparing a school festival or play, etc. Stay off touchy topics, please.

    Daily Lives
    Try to animate your characters going about their day in an out of combat scenario. It could be waking up to get some breakfast, hang out with some friends, go on a date, or even working if they have jobs (if it is one that is lethal such as assasination, make sure it is not the focus and is a small portion of the animation). Show off other sides to your characters!

    Treasure Hunt
    Go on an adventure to find some treasure, have an Indiana Jones approach, pirate adventure, etc. Try and focus on obstacles, adventuring and show off the locales!

    Escort the Payload
    Your boss, either in a car or some sort of vehicle is being escorted by you - either by yourself or with some partners, trying to take out any oncoming foes. This is a glorified mob battle where you would fend off hordes of enemies while making sure the boss gets there safely… or… you could add a twist: kill the boss yourself, fail your mission, etc. Go crazy. Make sure to play around with the settings.


    Mecha Assemble!
    Create your own piece to a modular Mech, whether you're the arm, chest, legs, or head. stylize it and see if you and other submissions can create an amazing zoid!

    Modular Weapon
    You've heard of the fusion buster, now get ready for what ever you can come up with! Create your own weapon comrpised of tools or smaller weapons!

    Survival Gimmick
    Create a multi-tool, lest it be a giant folding knife with 40 other blades, or a survival Shovel, let your tactiCOOL run wild!

    Isometric Style
    Make yourself what ever you can think of within a Isometric style, what ever you can think of!

    What's that in the Back?
    Create assets for a map, such as objects you'd see in a room or things you can interact with, such as a sign, a poster, a bench, something to blend in with your surroundings.

    OC NPC
    Turn your oc into a maple styled NPC, bonus points if you give them an idle animation (Not really).

    Villainized OC
    Turn your character bad, reimagine them as an evildoer in style and in power!

    Any Spare Change?
    You've gone broke, where would your character be a whole year into homelessness, lest they're full on hobos or nomads getting through the times!

    From Light, Unto Dark
    Create something related to angels or to devils, lest it be a weapon, armor piece or clothing piece, or even map pieces.

    We'll make something out of this!
    Start from the given gobbledegook of lines you've been provided and make something great out of them, make sure to high light the original lines in the finished product.
    Lines to choose from:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Copy someone's art style!

    Fashion Week
    Give your character some new clothes! play that fashion game fellas

    Getting Back To The Basics
    Perspective is one of the basic key of art! LET'S GET ON THAT BACKGROUND, ENVIRONMENT, BUILDINGS, ROOMS AND SUCH!

    Concept Visual
    Draw a visual of a non visual concept (death, life, love, etc)

    Story of my life
    Draw your oc doing their everyday lives! maybe in a form of mini comic?


    Video Game Fever
    Use any video games as a reference, and try to replicate it as close as possible using only Maplestory map pieces.

    Multi-Sourced Map
    Use at least 5 separate map pieces, all from different places(Edelstein, Neo Tokyo, Henesys, etc.) to create a map.

    My Fortress of Solitude
    Create a map of your character’s room or any place of significance to them(workplace, bar, etc.), representing themselves, their story, and/or their inner turmoil.

    Praise the Light
    Create a map with the focus on the lighting from whatever source you choose(The Sun, Lamplight, Glowing mushrooms, etc.)

    Vacay Spot
    Create a map of your ideal vacation/holiday spot (The beach, a large tower, the park, beach home, etc.)!

    The Future
    Create a map of what you depict as the future. Not every future has to be sleek and tech-y!

    Abandoned Structures
    Create a map depicting an abandoned structure(house, bridges, church, trails, etc). Is it a fallen tourist spot near a lake? A decommissioned project in the heart of a city?

    The Village
    Create a map of a rural village in any remote part of the world, whether it be in snow or in the blistering desert.

    Happy MBRQ'in!
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