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Mexo's comic MBR profile

Discussion in 'Comic Profiles' started by MexoKaton/Nova, May 18, 2018.

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    Dec 25, 2017
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    Chandler, AZ
    name: Delta Ruinaga.

    age: 19

    gender: female

    *bullet time- allows her to slow down time for a few seconds so long as she has her pistol with her.
    *she is a spell-caster and uses magic to amplify her attacks when they aren't enough to hurt someone.
    *shadow swap/summon- this allows her to use her own shadow for an after image, or to help her with attacks, for a few seconds.

    *shes afraid of heights.
    *she hates spiders
    *she can't stand the smell of strong fumes.
    *she hates killing, the most she will do is stun you or make sure you can't fight her no more.

    *staff (casual look only)

    ultimate move/finisher: double crisis
    she can call her friend sigtra with the help of a portal (assuming she isn't busy with something) and do a devastating team combo with her that ends with both of them slashing, (sigtra with her sword and delta with her scythe) 90% chance of killing.

    the other way this can happen is if she uses her shadow to do the combo with her, while it won't deal as much damage or finish like the first way, it will still end with her attacking with her scythe, but not killing her opponent unless needed.

    examples of work:
    a trap!

    the X-TERMINATION project

    Assassin quest

    MBR status:
    BRING IT ON! ​