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    *Warning: This review has a lot of spoilers*
    There was a lot of movies telling the story of infamous Warsaws Uprising. Few based on books and the other movies being simple documents. But actually none of those movies weren't the thing that people of the Warsaws Uprising remembered or knew...
    The story tells the tale of Stefan, son of an actress, that after being fired from his work at chocolate factory discretly, with his friends, joined the forces of Polish CA (Country's Army). Their first mission to resque jewish prisoners was a bit harsh if it is about the equipment - They got only grenades - and yet with a one yet painful loss in their unit which was brother of their leader "Cobra", the mission was succesful, they got a new recruit but Stefan that was too hasty during mission had to give the gun he took from the nazi and to patrol the food truck. Though he noticed nazis near their base that were scouting region near it at the same time when "Biedronka" had to go for a bottle of wine. So our hero rushed and somehow saved our damsel in distress. But again he got punished for saving the situation...
    Later after he was done cleaning dishes as his punishment his new unit got attacked. Helpless Stefan without a gun looks at his new unit leader trying to protect their camp at the cemetary gets shot in a head. After that scene Stefan started to run (in slow motion which is rare in Poloish movies) but still he got shot... Then he woke up at night and went to his home through the ruins of his old camp and simply lied on his bed. But when he woke up he noticed a large hole in his room and noticed through the broken window a mass murder of his neighbours and his family - mother and little brother to be exact.
    After that he is lying in hospital bed in Stare Miasto. His crew is also there to cheer him up but he is still not shaking it off. Then story followed Ala AKA "Biedronka" that after got attacked in their new base by nazis went for Stefan and took him with her and they went on the street where people were celebrating getting a tank that didn't even had a cannon. But not for long... One boom with explosion so big that it made the whole street covered in the rain of blood and ribs. Scared girl started to look for Stefan and she found him standing in shock. Few whiles later she met an CA Captain that had plan to save civilians and transport the CA soldiers from Stare Miasto to Śródmieście. After a bit of struggle they got into they way out - The sewers. After a bit of "Biedronkas" weird visions in the sewers after the grenade nazis threw they somehow got out. Then they went to the nearest CA center and cleaned themselves. After a fanservise scene our shocked Stefan is staring at the dying nazi with a piece of glass in his hand. People are running all around but not Stefan, nazi and some doctor (I think he was a doctor cuz he was wearing labcoat). This scene surprised me a bit because it wasn't Stefan that stabbed the wounded nazi to death but that doctor next to him. Okay, back to the plot. Few whiles after the funeral they noticed their friends from their first unit getting... Married? (Yes, they literally get married during war) And when they started celebrating Stefan finally said something and invited his companion to a dance but she refused saying that they'll dance at the right time. When they Stefan and Ala went to sleep Stefan discretly reunited with his former unit.
    When she woke up she started to look for Stefan and found out that he and his unit went to Czerniaków to fight with nazis but she needed a pass to go there. So she went to the man that was organizing all the passes to certain places. Of course there was a failed trial of rape when getting the pass. So she went to look for Stefan somehow passed the guards and went to Czerniaków but since there was too dangerous she went to the cellar full of civilians. Then the tanks and soldiers came. All the people got happy with hope that these soldiers are Russians that came there with help. Sadly those weren't Russians but... Nazis they threw inside few grenades and started to shoot at civilians through the windows. After this massacre ala noticed the wounded baby and took it to the nearest clinic. Sadly the baby didn't had luck... So Ala decided to help the wounded while looking for her boyfriend.
    Back to the Stefan's perspective again. He visited armless "Cobra" with his friends in the clinic to give them new orders. Later his unit with help of the Polish villagers decided to attack Nazis that were hiding in the ruins but due to lack of battle experience of the villagers only one of them survived while "Rogal" - another friend of Stefan died. Enraged Stefan took his gun and decided that it is HIS gun now, making "Crybaby" (Stefan's friend) a bit shocked. After that loss they were forced to defend themselves in the buildings. After some serious preparations last units of CA tried to defend their position with all weapons they had. They lost a lot of people. The biggest loss that time was probably death of "Crybabys" wife that got hit from the AP cannon as well as death of new leader of Stefans unit that shot himself with a pistol.
    Back to Ala the Biedronka. Most of the wounded got transfered somewhere. The clinic where she was helping got invaded by Nazis. The masked killers (thats how nazis were dressed) started to kill wounded inside the clinic. Cobra blow himself up with his wife. Ala was left with a pervy nazi and Jürgen the nazi got freed.
    Stefan again. After taking the leadership he promised his unit that they'll get out of there. So they rushed defenslessly and... The jewish boy got shot, Kama (another friend of Stefan) blown by the power of cannon and "Crybabys" sacrifice was the saddest. The words he said... "Hey! I would like to invite you for my birthday! Few hours ago I got nineteen." These words made me cry. I cried even more as I saw him being shot by nazis and then choked to death giving Stefan chance to escape. He went to the clinic but he was found by nazis but spared by Jürgen. As he escaped the city he swam across the river to the small island where somehow Ala was on. As they reunited they started to stare at the burning ruins of city that slowly changed into a modern Warsaw.
    This movie was different. It is a great movie that shows how much fucked up the situation was in Poland at that time. Even tough there was some nudity (I hate nudity in movies), not fitting music (Seriously? Dubstep?) weird shit going on in the movie it really shows how people of Warsaws Uprising lived, felt and remembred the hell ujdÄ… was unleashed.
    My grade for this movie is NINE and half out of TEN.
    Also this is my first review so feel free to CnC.
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    why don't you just put it in a spoiler :l