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    1. What is your best work? Post as many animations as you need.

    I’d say this is one of the animations where I really started to explore weapon-play and rigging a bit more than I usually did. Last year I felt the need to amp up the acceleration and really push myself as an animator, and while it was a small step, I really enjoyed getting intimate with the weapon, and pushing it farther than what normal animators usually do with a weapon.

    And if you’re wondering where all that pushing went, here is a strong example of what I’ve accomplished thus far. A lot of my personal circle has asked me why I decided to put so much time and effort to something so inconsequential; and I’ll explain my answer here. I wanted to take a simple concept, the simplest I could find - and see what I could do. I believe you’re pushed the hardest to your limits creatively when you have no ideas, or the ideas you’re given to work with are very obscure or wide-covering, possibly even abstract concepts.

    For example, concepts such as “Dark” or “Loss” give animators such a wide breadth of options that the majority usually heads for the largest common denominator subject matter. Loss, for example could be turned as someone losing a family member or lover, while Dark could be used to for talking about being afraid of the dark. I wanted to do the opposite of that - and see how far a creative mind can carry someone with such a simple concept to work with. I believed I accomplished that, along with pushing my rigging skills to even bigger heights.

    2. What makes you worthy to be in this position?

    I have started to push myself further and farther as an animator than I ever have before; and I believe with the release of my latest work, I have the gumption to step into the ring with the big boys; and surround myself with people who’s productivity and drive to soar to greater heights resonates in tune with mine.. Along with cultivating my own skills, I’m more than happy to put my keen eye for detail to the scrutiny of other animators in the forum, and help them better themselves. Examples can be seen here.

    3. Why do you want this position and what goals do you have?

    While the new MBR system is ingenious, I want to further enhance the experience by tweaking the system so that will enrich and encite those who want to get competitive better chances to climb up the ladder and face their friends. I’ve spoken to Kayas more on this issue privately; I’d rather not spoil the goods just yet!

    4. Do you have anything else to add?

    I’m just your everyday average animator. Hope ya’ like me.
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    Hey there "Mr. Average".
    To me, your animations have only really ever stuck out whenever you'd be doing your rigging. That's how I recognized you since, in my opinion, you didn't have a good grasp of the basics and your first animation shows this. When you started rigging around 0:10, things started looking a lot better, but the rest of the animation was pretty meh. A lot of stuff doesn't really feel that impactful to me. That second animation, however...
    That was probably your best work as of right now.
    It improves on so many of your issues and now I really understand your reason for working this hard on it. It all really paid off, with the sequences that you made instead of forcing rigs all the time, the perspectives, and the overall execution of your ideas in this animation was beautiful. I'm hoping to see an actual 1-on-1 fight from you going forward with this new mentality you've picked up!
    I'd say you're more than ready now. These threads along with what I've seen from you before shows me that you care not only about yourself but other people's improvement.

    I've heard about these too and I'm very interested in seeing them in action. Hope something good comes from these changes because they are really exciting.
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