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    Edaniel "Eddy" Rico

    Hey guys, I know I haven't posted much but I'm going to try to be more active again lol. Well, this is my original character I drew him as I was doodling on instagram stories originally, and I decided to redraw him using graphics gale. It's not exactly complete. Also, damn, Graphics Gale is now a free full version...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    He's meant to express shock or irritation. I would provide a bio but I can't type all of it here.

    He's a proud person, and is a high school student. He likes the ballroom scene as well as jewelry. He is one of the protagonists in my little story I'm making haha. He gets bullied and made fun of in my story due to wearing jewelry percieved as feminine. He also has conflict with his father due to sneaking out to attend balls and stays out late. There are special aliens who are invisible that I call the Anithoth, and one of these creatures latches onto him and influences him into having a false sense of pride which stems from rancor. He ends up having a physical altercation with his father one late night when he came back from one of the events.

    He is a Taurus Sun. His shirt also changes with his expression.

    He isn't the main character but is one of the prominent ones and his sidestory is important.

    Caution: I draw Tarot cards and my deviantart maybe of an esoteric nature that some people may find sacriligious in some cases. The Art work itself doesn't have any kind of disturbing imagery however, but I'm saying that because I respect everyone's religious value and I would liek to avoid the headaches of "Blasphemy".

    I also post my doodles or sketches that I do on Instagram Stories on my deviantart.

    Please don't dwell too deep into my deviantart gallery if the two things are kind of cringey. I'm sorry in advance if it's disturbing. There is nothing NSFW there however.

    Other than that, and if it's not offensive to you, Please go check me out haha, I've never gotten into Deviantart despite being an artist for years. I also feel the need to begin to network because I'm incriedibly scared of art theft.
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    Please sprite more, you have a good touch for it.
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