Misunderstood Embrace

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    Eyelids heavy, body lanky. I feel sin weighing on my neck like an iron prison chain that ceases to pull down. My eyes took forever to adjust. Then it was true that they have, but darkness only exist. Nothing but black nothingness as far as the eye could even pick up. Perceptions of nothing but pitch black hope fading into nothing. Loss of faith causes one to follow the chain around his or her neck deeper into the chasm of nothing. Something. A jaw. A maw, nothing but teeth surround me in agony and grace. It wanted me, it desired me but it never even scraped me, my soulless body draged by something other, the chain tugged maybe by my saving grace. Doubtful, what blissful angel would only pull me into madness more. Before me now stood monolithic beings, teeth replaced with eyes fixated on things that were, things that are and things that will be, watching every crime I have, had and will have commited. Sin only weighting more as the formless chain now pulls hard rather then tugging. Deeper and deeper and reality resolves and shows me every single event before my very eyes, assaulting my senses on every single level that should not be possible. Broken as I was, now I was irreversably irreparably shattered. Then finally my last trial, entropy

    In static dark stood a figure without form. Without shape but in could feel the chain as he now let go... Or she.. Or it.

    But I felt a strange and massive sense of relief as the scarring that would of lived on, was erased like some pencil marking, the figure took shape of a young boy, such pitiful eyes gazing onto me with regret and sadness, arms came around me as I was given something no god could ever give me. Embrace.. Then he spoke

    "Darkness is but a smudge in your humanity, it is what you must face to truly become. This lives within all of us, do not fear the dark. Do not fear chaos, peace and order were born from these concepts, chaos gave birth to the universe, war gave birth to true compassion, death makes way for life... These are all mutual concepts for one another. Do not be afraid of entropy... I will always hold you dear."

    Tears flooded my dry face. Pale but more alive then it ever was, not wanting to let go but knowing I must. Piercing Eyes turning into gentle hands, gaping teeth forming into loving voices from the deep, the darkness accepted me as one and gave me hope. It told me to give my life for others... To hold life dearly and to cherish what we were given

    Is was we were fighting truly evil... Or what is that we were the evil it was attempting to stop. And why is it that chaos incarnate yields a heart while others cannot...

    this isn't intended to be some super deep ass shit about depression and acceptance but if you want that then each to his own or what ever.
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