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    I realized that I should've put my short anims in the Dumpster Thread but I wouldn't call this video short so I'm posting it here. Anyways, this is my biggest project yet. I put my current skills to the test while improving a bit. I also did this weird thing where the quality of the video improved a bit as the animation went on since I was learning things as I was making the animation. Now I feel that I've kind of wasted your time as some of the cnc I've gotten was actually stuff I knew I had problems with so here are some problems I've noticed.

    .The hole in the door looked off.
    .I completely forgot to add a background next to the hallway.
    .Mitch's foot was on top of me when it shouldn't have been when he missed me.
    .Mitch's Hand looked weird when he went to get his wand.

    And here some things I need help with
    .V cam- it's always a bit off at times, even when it looks like I put it. Are there any tips I need to fix it.
    .Breaking apart- Since I didn't use Trace Bitmap for the backgrounds, I was only able to take out parts of them at the edges. And the parts were quadrilateral shaped.

    I'll try out the type of lip-synching flash Maple animators use soon. I tried Sony Vegas lip-synching for now.

    Sorry I typed in so much.
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