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    Hey guys! It's the last month of summer so let's enjoy it while we still can!

    "What are we doing?"

    Our mascot Syrup is going to stroll across the beach with people hanging out in their beachwear. Just have your OC(s) play around, relax, eat.. Anything people do in the beach! You can animate them or you can just sprite them in an idle pose.

    Once I get everyone's part all together, I'll turn their animations into symbols in a single FLA compile it into something just like this (song will be used too):

    "What programs should I use?"

    If you animate in Flash/Adobe Animate, please animate in 24 fps with no music or backgrounds.

    If you want to be a crackhead like Kayas and animate in Aseprite/Other spriting programs, feel free to do so! Please give me the full animation in gif.

    "How should I submit my animation/sprite?"

    I'll be making a thread in the MM discord under #Projects. You can submit your stuff there but make sure to @ me. Feel free to DM it to me too!

    This will be up for two weeks (So August 17th). After that, I'll put everyone's part together. Please feel free to ask me questions!
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