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    Hi! It's been a while since I've hosted a collab, so I'm a little excited. And it's a Japanese song, which no one has done in a while! Most likely because of copyright.. (´;д;)
    Please read below if you are interested in joining.

    - Not first come for serve.
    - Extensions will not be given without a valid reason.
    - Drop outs will not be permitted two weeks before the due date and without a valid reason
    - Must have a Discord (So I can contact you).
    - Use the characters provided. You are allowed to change their clothes, except for Ally's festival character.
    - Please follow the storyline provided!
    - Widescreen and no borders.
    - Add 1 or 2 seconds after your part!
    - Professional animating programs only please.
    - Parts are about 10 seconds. Keep that in mind when choosing your parts.

    SIGN UP:

    [ Ally and Leon are close friends but they have this relationship where it is clearly obvious that they like each other, but are still not in a relationship. They don't have the guts to tell each other. But time is running out, and Ally is moving away to pursue her dream. The night before Ally's flight, Leon invites her to the festival and decides to confess his feelings. ]

    [ Participants and resources can be found in the description. ]