[MMV STORYLINE COLLAB] The Middle - Cancelled

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    It is a collab! That's what it is. LOL.

    { RULES }

    - Widescreen, please.

    - No borders, only animated borders are allowed- but don't add it in the start or end.

    - No watermarks. I'll add it. (If I remember lmao)

    - Please comment "Simon is love, Simon is life, (Discord) dares to take the role of date #PartNo. (Post your comment on the YouTube video, please.

    - Do not upload your part unless the collab is out, otherwise please ask me for consent.

    - Please do not rush your part, you will be given at least a month or two to complete your parts- depending on when you take the part. (Please ask me for extensions, I'd be glad to give you more time.)

    - You may need to keep your project files, since I may ask you to edit some things unless I say that you can delete the project files.

    - Please don't do anything to the audio.


    There is this business called, 'Matchmaker'. Like the name suggests, there will be someone to help you find a girlfriend. It does seem like a poor business tbh but who cares? LOL. Simon finds the business on social media and decided to try it out and hired a matchmaker. The matchmaker, Lynn, does her job. She matches him up with a lot of different girls. However, nothing seems to work. Meanwhile, little does Lynn know that Simon was falling for her instead of the other girls. ( Simon does not make any moves. JUst make him blush and stuffs :D )

    { What to do & what to not do in your cp! }

    Lighting is encouraged.

    Try to do limited typography.

    You may use your own OCs to be supporting characters.

    { PARTS }

    Check the YouTube description, please- you may also want to read what happens in each specific part.

    { OC & MUSIC }

    Get it in the description of the Youtube video as well.
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