Monster Energy Drinks are the work of Satan?

Discussion in 'Pop-Culture' started by Surani, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Okay, I don't mean to start a debate or anything, but this is just getting ridiculous.

    Any product, brand logo that even shows the subtlest signs of the '666' or a triangle or any symbol, people would immediately assume that it's evil or related to Satan.

    In fact, on a more general scale, the same goes for pop songs.

    >good pop song
    >pop it in audacity
    >listen to it backwards

    This is my opinion and I just wanted to know what you guys think about this.

    To reiterate, I do not wish to start any unwanted debates.
  2. Collin

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    All I can say is that anything and everything in the modern world can be connected to Satan or Christ if you stare at it long enough and have a very good imagination.
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    bleh, i hear people connecting things they don't understand to drugs every time it's not even funny.
    same shit here.

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    Apr 16, 2011
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    something something selective hearing
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    The magical land of Canada
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    People need to loosen the fucking tin foil hats they're wearing, that's all. They're just a bunch of theorists and extremists.

    Sadly we live in a world where that's impossible for each individual reason. Let stupid people be stupid, I say.
  7. Taki

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    I know you all hating on conspiracy shit. But she actually has valid proof. That is pretty damn much a 666 in hebraic and arabic language. If someone only knew hebraic, he would only see the letters 666 in there.
    Of course, satan doesn't own companies and isn't directly involved in it, but as there are crazy christians who believe in the good of god there are also crazy satanist who believe in the money of satan and love to fuck with christians. This is definitely one example.
    Secret organizations, sects, satanists, black magicians, whatever you want to call them, all of them exist and help each other out with money and crowd manipulation, it's expectable that they put some signs in their logos. Who wouldn't own a company and have a logo that means something to them.

    I hate to see people trying to expose something much bigger then they can gasp as much as all of you, but i hate people who laugh at them trying even more.

    I admit i watched over 40 hours of conspiracy shit, even vsauce wouldn't believe in coincidence at that point, if he watched that much. (if you think i wasted my time, tell me how many hours you spent watching animes and tv shows. Exactly.) Can you imagine, 40 hours and none of that shit repeats? Do you really believe that so many coincidental signs of evil happen? And all the video footage of successful people admitting having a pact with some evil, is that coincidence? lol.
    I don't even understand what you guys think sects like freemasons do, they don't just spank their asses like you see it in simpsons and other hollywood shit, they actually try hard to take over the world and keep regular people stupid and it makes sense that they give some sort of secret sign to other members in their logos.

    Sadly, the internet race doesn't believe in superstition, since they haven't see the real world since ever. All you know about is literally preprogramed stuff.
    Of course, in the end, it could just be a graphic designer who loves to fuck with people, but you can't ignore that the signs are there if you actually listen to what the woman tries to explain. Ignoring the sign and even joke about them doesn't make you smarter then the idiots who noticed them, it makes you a jokester, the lowest in intelligence in my eyes.

    I am perfectly aware that i look like an idiot now, everyone who dares to believe in something besides science is nowadays, so meh :l

    Just drink water, it's healthier, for sure.

    Let me quickly add this quote, fits perfectly to this thread: "Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. And the more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have."
    If you want to talk and laugh about conspiracies, watch all the conspiracies first and don't be an ignorant asshole.

    lol i ruined the fun, no offence to anyone. peace.
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    I'm christian and what is this?

    On lighter note, this gave me some good laugh.

    People tend to over think stuff.
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