Name that anime, video game, phrase, movie, etc?

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    USA in the worst State in the EST no offense
    I don't know if this has ever been a game in the entertainment server but hope this goes well.
    How it works:
    Pick a category. Movie, Anime, Video Game, Character from......, Person, Phrase, Animal etc.
    Question or Riddle ex. (Prefer Question): Who is the animator that uses Ryu's voice/skill in most of the animations?
    Answer ex. (Keep it to yourself): Chris Tyler
    Good Advice: Limit 3 spoilers/hints please.
    How to see if the person got it right: Like their post or if you want comment??? prefer Like it
    Unknown Advice: If the spoilers/hints are not enough comment on that person and ask for a Big hint.
    Law: No weird memes, and no arguements if there's a this is better than this
    Fun Tip: Jokes are allowed
    Hope we know our today's pop culture cause i certainly don't. Let's Begin

    Who is the actor that was a stripper, and a dancer?
    I'm pretty buff and the ladies fall for me
    I ate a cracker and it had drugs in it
    Magic Mike or 21
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    I'm not familiar with Magic Mike, but Channing Tatum...

    Who is the frog with the red and white striped shirt?

    He only bites people in self defense.
    And this place is Frog House on Donut Pond
    of the Lily Pad