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    Hey there!

    First and foremost, thank you for registering and welcome to Maplemation! My name is Trowicia, I'm a former administrator here. We are a multimedia forum community involving but not limited to Maplestory animations. Alongside animations, we do provide resources* consisting of custom sprite poses, custom hair, eyes, clothing, sound effects (for Flash/Sony Vegas users), pre-loaders, skill effects extracted and compiled nicely, and more!

    * I'm probably sure resources sounds great to you and all, you must also realize that we are a community about giving and receiving. You want the resources, you must have 15+ posts here. This is to prove to us that you're here because you want to be and not just for the resources. Do understand that we do not tolerate leeching, and such behavior to get the resources will result in some account restrictions. This is a community, not a service.

    When making your introduction thread, don't be afraid to tell us some things about yourself! We'd like to get to know you better, and very much seeks out for your enjoyment here. Once your introduction's made, you will be able to view the rest of the forum, except resources. (Sorry!)

    Feel free to browse at your own leisure and try to have fun!

    Thank you for for your time, and we'll see you around!

    - Trowicia, and the rest of the Maplemation community
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