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As of today, sharing resources will make the community grow.

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  1. Big_Hands

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    Shouldn't matter who's using what to animate, we're all (or most of us anyway) here because we have fun making Maple related content. Just try to help the new guys and gals out as much as possible, maybe some of them will think about staying, iunno.
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  2. Tooler

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    I feel like most of us have been saying this for a long time, the new member label should only be people who haven't verified their email or made their introduction to deter bots and what have you, being finicky on who uses what is pointless and dumb and will bar anymore growth for a community that has a quickly aging active member base.
  3. Alexbomb2233

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    This is very good.... but I think there would be some error behind it tho.... I'm a person who has not have 100 posts *yet* but I feel like there's something on the forum that would bugs me there's lot of people who think newbies and member will become inactive after some time, Because it's because there's nothing here that isn't already been done or explored and sometimes the collabs hosted here feel to me like they were copied from other collabs or cookie cutter I have yet not seen one with original concepts here. That's my opinion at least....
  4. Flicker Fall

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    I'd like to point out that although there are a good number of ideas in this thread, most of them if not all are focused around group collaboration. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it does encourage members to make something and contribute to the community, but deadlines and dropped collabs tend to be kinda discouraging at times. And people joining a collab only to forget to make a part doesn't help either. This IS a great way to get community interest back in gear, but I don't think it will help the community stay in gear until collab success is a bit more consistent.

    That said, I have an idea that might help on the creativity front, at least individually.

    I've heard at least a few people complain about having the energy to animate something, but when they open up their program of choice, they realize that they either don't have an idea on what to animate, or that they've forgotten the idea they had. So I'm going to propose the idea that every animator be encouraged to start writing or keeping a list of personal animation ideas that they would like to do even when they aren't near the computer, that way fewer of them will be stuck staring at a blank screen or end up defaulting to making a fighting animation.
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  5. Ainn

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    On the topic of failed collabs, I think if people were able to post their collab entries before the release date of collabs, it could easily inspire more members to join. I've joined a number of collabs and completed my entries, but now we're just waiting for more people to replace the parts that became inactive. This is obviously something that only the collab host has any say over, but I wanted to point out how that relates to inactivity in relation to collabs.

    If there were 2 words I could give to all the new members, animators, artists and comic creators they would be "GET GOING!"

    Honestly, you new members just need to jump in. Everyone sucks when they first start making things, so keep animating/drawing/creating. Accepting and using CnC as a tool will simply accelerate the process. You'll do better and better as you make more and more stuff.

  6. HyruleAnima

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    I'm a newbie noob so I think that sharing resources can be both a good thing and bad thing. Good because it gives others the tools necessary to create what they want and does not hinder the process when it comes to animating because sharing knowledge is great and it helps others learn. At the same time there will be people signing up for Maplemation just to get free resources which is kinda why the whole 100 posts thing is there which is reasonable. I'm here to learn and improve while also making cool new friends along the way (Also try to meet my animation senpais)