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    Tell us your biography. Who are you? How did you become active in this media? Why? When? Who taught you?Just tell us a little about yourself.

    My name's Patrick, otherwise known as "Tezzeret" in the Maple Animating Community, and I am 20 years old. Maple Story has been a part of my life since way too long to not be embarrassed for it, but it lingers on. Started with cheap WMM Animations, SV MMVs, then moved on to Flash and eventually AE as a medium to express my creativity through. I have been an active part of MapleMations community about two years ago and decided to come back just recently.

    Ever since I can remember, my literature teachers told me that my style of working was very minimalistic, but especially that trait was what made me a good analyst, they included. I was able to consume large amounts of information and compromise it to its core, managing to make most of my class mates understand the content given in the piece of information I was analyzing.

    I started getting interested in creating my own, written, content a good time after joining MapleMation. The fact that Tezzeret was a character I could build a world and story around was so fascinating that I am continuing to do just that up to this very day.
    Sometimes it feels like there is an entire universe in my head with its own inhabitants who all live their own life. When I write, it doesn't feel like I am making something up but more like I witness what is happening there and simply write it down for others to dive into and imagine for themselves. Sounds crazy when I read it like this..

    Tell us anything we need to know about your future behavior in the team.Why do you want this position? What are your plans to improve the team? How dedicated are you?

    What I look forward to the most is cooperation. Sharing my ideas with others, having them share theirs and then try to improve has always been what motivated me about any project, wether it was animation or literature. I want this position because I feel like being a part of this team fits perfectly with my interests. I like to lurk in the media sections and see what people created. I enjoy seeing people get excited about their projects and pull others into it to make something amazing together. I absolutely love when people improve in their respective form of art that they chose to display their creative vein with. Drawing more attention to that, so that people feel recognized, seems like an awesome thing to do. Supporting that would feel truly satisfying.

    Example of your writing:

    The Old Generations Collab 2

    In this month's project highlight: The oldfags return, and they're older than ever. But the true question is, will this one be better than the last?

    The idea to have the new generation fight the old was an interesting one at first, but the execution wasn't all that good. Only few of the animators were ready to animate their character lose to the old legends and some even failed to display the true strength of those they were fighting.
    Also, while the choice to have animators such as BSX and Asasinsonic join was a good one from a quality standpoint, at least one of them would meet the standards of being an opponnent in this collab themselves. It seemed odd to have an oldfag fight another when the theme suggested to have a greenhorn face a professional, but the work itself was so great that one could overlook that.
    What wasn't so great, however, was the insane amount of DBZ power-ups that would have even made Naruto's entire franchise get jealous. Ciax displayed his dislike for said theme in his animation, which probably was one of the best in the entire collab.

    What this collab needs is consistency. Stay true to your theme and be aware of the character you oppose. Your goal should not be to imitate the first collab, but leave it eating your dust. It needs more newcomers standing up to the challenge saying "I can do better than this, and I fucking will!"

    I really hope to see an amazing follow-up to the first Old Generations Collab instead of DBZ Reloaded.

    - For this I took a hypothetical project and featured it in the "Project Announcement" section.


    Animation of The Month - Amitlevy14 vs Jester

    Amitlevy14 convinced with a really decent animating technique, a good sense of humour that honors Jester's character and a great deal of creativity.

    The intro quickly assures that this is not going to be a dead-serious fight, which is good. KabaliTo always displayed his character having a wicked sense of humour as opposed to using his reality-distorting abilities in the most efficient and cruel manner.
    The drawn props add to the light, funny mood of the intro. What breaks it to me, however, is Vash randomly popping up to critcize Levy for not taking the situation seriously. Him running Jester over with a car to get to the greenhorn was certainly meant to be purely humouristic, but the half-hearted voice acting and poorly written script made the whole scene feel simply unnecessary.
    What makes me forgive him quickly is the fine use of voice samples and SFX. While it is clear that one tries to kill the other, the animation never loses its humouristic touch.
    From classic "My hammer is huge as fuck." to the "Giant ball grows limbs." - this animation featured a lot of abilities and weapons from Jester in just two minutes.
    It was obvious that a simple fiery strike wouldn't be enough to kill Jester, but the comeback Levy thought of was, in its own sense, cruel, hilarious and very entertaining to watch. Levy's response to Jester's try of overtaking the boy's body was certainly just as unexpected and funny.

    Overall, his animating style might need some polishing here and there, but the humour and creativity were what convinced me to make this the Animation of The Month. He stood true to Jester's and his own character while providing a very entertaining piece of work. Keep it up!

    Select the rubrics you wish to write for.

    Top media
    MBR reviews
    Project announcement

    Your own suggestion:

    Question not replied

    Do you have anything else to add?

    I am aware of not necessarily being the best choice but I hope to show that I am worthy of taking the task and eventually growing to become a useful member of the News Team. Wether I am accepted or denied, I hope that this Team turns out to be a successful one who gets shit done.

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    nigga shut the fuck up and get in the tea-
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    As I told you on Skype a while back, your application is awesome and I especially loved the way you gave an example as to how you would actually do an article. Accepted, welcome to the News Team, I know you will contribute positively to this team!
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