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    News Team Guidelines

    Hey you! Want to become part of the team and perfect your writing skills whilst having a vital role in the forum and its community?

    If you are quite the 'creative' writer, experienced with researching different topics and have a passion for writing, then, this place is for you.

    If you're skilled at spriting, animation and art, then refer to the application sections for those individual teams.

    • You must be an active member.
    • You must be experienced and skilled in your respective field.
    • You must be able to help, critique and offer advice to others.
    • You must act as a role model to others.

    1. Tell us your biography. Who are you? How did you become active in this media? Why? When? Who taught you?Just tell us a little about yourself.
    2. Give us some example(s) of your writing.
    3. Select the rubrics you wish to write for:

      General forum news
      Top media
      MBR reviews
      Project announcement
      Make a suggestion...

      Delete the ones you do not wish to be involved in.
    4. Your own suggestion (if you have your own suggestion to share, type it down below; if you do not have a suggestion to share, simply put 'N/A'):
    5. Do you have anything else you wish to add?
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