Nightmares Collab (Sync'd)

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    Heya! Thanks for checkin' on my very first collab! The Nightmares (Sync'd) Collab!

    You are having a nightmare by being haunted! Your mission is to survive in your own dream by defeating monsters!

    If you are interested, please throw me a message of your animation. This is a way to approve you to join.

    Here's what ya do:
    - Sync for at least 20 seconds or more.
    - Any characters can be used in this collaberation.
    - Make sure you have your logo in your parts!
    - Any map can be used in your part.
    - Make sure your part flashes a white screen at the beginning and the end. This is a transition from part to part.

    Due Date - April 14th

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    Good luck on the collab. I'm sure it'll be awesome! I'm not sure if I'll join or not but I'll let you know.
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