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Nineb's MBR Profile

Discussion in 'Animator Profiles' started by Nineb, Sep 2, 2018.

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    NAME: Nineb
    AGE: 17 yo
    Blood type: O+

    Powers: Nineb basically has the same power as ditto (the pokemon), He can shapeshift into anything as long as he has seen it (irl or just on tv). He can use this power for stealth and for boosting his battle abilities.

    weaknesses: The more powerfull the transformation is, the less longer he can stay transformed before being completly drained (for example he can transform into goku for only 6 seconds but he can stay transformed into mario for a full 10 hours). The more he transforms without reverting into his base form, the more tired he gets and the less longer he can maintain his transformation. In his base form, he isn't that powerfull. Sure he is fast, and know how to throw heavy punches but that's it! (I'll give him some weapons in the future but for now he is stuck at fighting barehands). Also He has this strange weakness which is that when he gets in contact with a pineapple he loses his ability to transform for a few seconds. He also hates the taste the of pineapples.

    Fighting Style: Waiting for the right moment to land a huge combo

    Personallity: He is cocky and likes to clown around but he knows when to get serious in batlle

    Battle record: N/A

    Market Place: N/A

    Points: N/A

    Medals: N/A


    Availability: Not ready for now...
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    Can you shapeshift in to Rebecca black to make my day
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