[NT] December 2016's Monthly Update!

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    Hello MapleMation! Welcome to your first Monthly update!
    (December 2016)
    Hello everyone, and welcome to the start of the Monthly update. These updates highlight some of the work produced by members of the community as well as MBRs, events and above average content posted within the month! Please be sure to click the links on each topic title as it will bring you to the thread being discussed!

    The annual Secret Santa event hosted by Aquila went on without a hitch this year. The pieces all seemed quite well made and everyone contributed to the project in a mostly unique and creative way. Amazing job to all of you and a special thank you to Aquila, for hosting the event as well as she did, and Paul, for volunteering to provide backup gifts to people who didn't receive anything, you two really brought the "Holiday spirit"!

    This month was filled with many excellent animations produced by a plethora of different people, please don't take your animation not being the "Animation of the Month" as an insult to your content, it is still amazing and you should still be super proud of it! But, the animation that stood out the most this month was the Maple Rushed 4 Collab. It is easy to forget that this project was only done in twenty-four hours with the amazing quality of each contribution. Every animator in this collaboration put in so much work within the time limit and should all be very happy with the overall result of the product! Hopefully the eventual Maple Rushed 5 lives up to this awesome entry to the series.

    This topic is simply to keep people up to date with MBRs and MBRQs. This will be updated with results once each one's voting is closed.

    Shulkle Versus Sekka*
    The Future, MBRQ by AznMagix

    Member(s) of the Month
    This "award" of sorts is given each month to the members the staff agree have gone above and beyond throughout the course of the month. These outstanding members will receive a custom role in the Discord chat with a colour of their choice, and a set name colour on the forum for the remainder of January, 2017. This time, we have two people who the staff have recognized.

    The first is @Paul for his overall commitment to helping people improve in the discord chat as well as his volunteering to make a gift for any and all members who signed up for Secret Santa but didn't receive a gift, this generosity makes him one of the members of the month.

    The second and final member of the month is @Shulkle for his contributions to the Secret Santa event and Maple Rushed 4 as well as his MBR and his overall consistency in posts throughout the entire month. You have put out so much quality content this month and have been so overall friendly to everyone that you simply had to be a member of the month.

    Congratulations to you both!

    Question time!
    I want to interview the rest of the staff and post said interviews here, but to do that I need to know who you would want to see interviewed. Please let me know here which members of the staff you would most want to know more about and I will do my best to have an interview with them within the next month or so. Keep in mind just because you all might want a specific person doesn't mean they will want to do an interview, so if they say no, please respect that choice.

    In Closing
    And so ends the first ever Monthly update. Thank you all for the amazing December, and thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you all have an amazing New Year and I will see you all again in January for the next Monthly update!
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    It has been, and still is, a great experience to be here considering I more or less started/joined Maple animating early this year. Socializing with really great guys, seeing the content here, and more.
    This was probably one of the best years of my life and I'm proud to be here representing a jujn member of Maplemation. Much thanks @Sekka* for writing this and the staff members for having this website up and doing their job~

    ...With that said, I heard Bryant got a singing voice and Aquila hosted the Santa thing/took part in MR4, maybe interview them? :^)

    Edit: Can I has a red+blue mix on my MM name of these colors on my text? c: Actually kinda want a normal blue on the discord too.
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    Ayy :3

    I'm actually really impressed with the article you made. I think I underestimated you guys :p . If you can keep this up monthly, then I guess I'll have something to look forward to by the end of next month :D

    I think this is great for both members and newbies alike who want to keep up to date with MM, but are too busy to. The Member of the Month benefits are pretty dope too.

    Great job Sekka, and good look with future articles C: Also ima gun for that Member of the Month title now ( you better watch your back @Shulkle >:D )
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    Wooooooooooottttt News Team is back!
    I really really like the idea of having highlighted animations and members of the month - one more incentive to get people back into creating new work again. We could even expand on the idea for Art or Sprite sections too, though maybe not every month if you end up getting really busy or there's just not a whole lot of content going on there. Otherwise, great to see these making a comeback :)
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    Wb News Team :D

    Taki and CCShinobi :3?
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