[NT] January 2017's Monthly Update!

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    Hello MapleMation! Welcome to your January update!
    (January 2017)
    Hello everyone, thought I might give a quick update on the staff interviews I promised last time. I didn't really get very many responses to the question, so I decided I would make a Strawpoll (Click Here) for people to vote on. Keep in mind just because someone may win in the strawpoll doesn't mean they will accept the request for an interview, and that's completely fine. Thank you very much

    I decided it would be a cool idea to add another "of the Month" to help promote spriting as a whole and maybe try to get some activity back to the section. Next month I plan on adding "Art of the Month", just as a heads up. Now with that being said, awesome stuff to @Leliot for this great NPC, it's a shame it was a little late and not in time for Christmas, but on the bright side we get to all enjoy seeing it now! Amazing work to you and hopefully we will continue seeing things like this from you in the future.

    Being posted on the forum just in time for January, I can safely say the participants of this collb started 2017 off extremely well. This collab is entertaining throughout the entire piece and most the parts display a vast amount of creativity in the way they take down their assigned bosses. Excellent work to you all, you should be quite proud of the finished product!

    This topic is simply to keep people up to date with MBRs and MBRQs. This will be updated with results once each one's voting is closed.

    Blez & Danny McLofi Derps Versus Andrew and InvaderCalculator
    Kaneko Versus Ncaohili
    Anime NPC, MBRQ by Leliot
    Member(s) of the Month
    This "award" of sorts is given each month to the members the staff agree have gone above and beyond throughout the course of the month. These outstanding members will receive a custom role in the Discord chat with a colour of their choice, and a set name colour on the forum for the remainder of February, 2017. This time, we have two people who the staff have recognized.

    This time, the first is @Danny McLofi Derps for his overall activity throughout the entire month of January, his constant stream of content he put out and the MBR he participated in. He is also always nice to everyone and is always dishing out new content. Awesome stuff!

    And the second member of the month is @Leliot for creating a couple of high quality sprites throughout the month, and doing an MBRQ, this kind of activity is fairly rare for the sprite section, so it's really awesome that you did so much in one month!

    Congratulations to you both!

    Question time!
    Now, being a month into 2017, have any of your goals from the beginning of the year changed? Have you gotten any new goals?

    In Closing
    The first month of 2017 is officially done! Thank you to everyone who contributed to making January a pretty awesome month, and thank you very much for reading this article. See you in February for the next Monthly Update!
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    Ayy Congratz @Danny McLofi Derps and @Leliot. You guys must now live by the name of A Jujn Member of the Months c: Also a great article again Sekka*~.

    Pretty sure I've stated this in a Discord, but my Resolutions haven't changed at all. Still aiming to make Maplemation gr8 again!
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    I'm with Shulkle on basically everything he said lol.
    Congratulations to the two new members of the month!
    And yes, same here. My resolutions haven't changed. Still trying to draw more and animate more, and I'm super excited to transfer to UHH in the fall!!!
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    Wherever the wind takes me.
    @Danny McLofi Derps @Leliot That title was well deserving. Gratz to both of you!
    Fortunately, one of my resolutions is in fact starting to sprout. And sooner than I thought, at that. I'm beginning to take more of an advantage of my animating habits in a beneficial way. While I'm in no position to go into too much detail on it just yet, it still makes me glad I've been given this opportunity. I'll be working hard to complete my other goals in the meantime, but I can safely say I had a great month.
  5. Even though "member of the month" is just a title i was given on a forum on the internet,
    it still feels like a big deal to me and i'm very glad that i was given it for this month! so thank you guys very, very much!
    @Leliot congrats on also getting member of the month, my guy!
    I've got some spicy content coming up for ya'll in february! stay tuned!

    If i'm honest, I didn't make any major resolutions, i just wanted to better myself as a person,
    and i've been told by some of my close friends that i'm a lot more open and seem to be a lot happier as of recently, so things must be going well.
    I also wanted to try to push myself to animate more (which seems to be heading in the right direction)
    as i finished an MBR, Blanket, and i've made some other minor projects that haven't been released but will probably be released in february.
    so far, 2k17 is shaping up to be a good year.

    also now that i'm member of the month and the mods will probably see this thread can i get that name change to "Dan Derps" for 3 MBR points?

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    Damn Sekka*, back at it again with the article!
    Well, i didn't really have any goals for the start of the year, but now, I have several. First off, I wanna stick to a good sleeping schedule, because I usually sleep at 2-3 am, then wake up at like 12-2 pm during the weekends :L Within recent weeks, I've been starting to sleep earlier (10-12 pm) and wake up earlier (8-9 am), so I guess I'm making progress :D
    Another resolution I have now is to to get my animating skills to be good as Shulkle. We both started animating at the same time, but he animates a LOT more than me. Therefore I'm trying to spend more time making animations; hoping I can become his "equal", or maybe surpass him C:

    Also, I chose you for the strawpoll. I'm interested in hearing what got you into maple animation and writing, how you found Maplemation, why you left, why you came back, etc.
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    Congratulations @Danny McLofi Derps and @Leliot, you guys really deserve it this time around.
    Thanks for keeping the forum up without me! You guys have been pretty well deserving of this as far as I remember.
    Dan, just never change. I hope you hit big with Youtube with whatever your plan for your channel's direction is for - definitely shout me out.
    As for Leliot, as you said in your Santa thread, I hope you do pump out more content, @Taki had some great advice that I believe works.

    Otherwise for specific goals from the month..
    I'm jetlagged four hours behind so I'm typing this here at half past midnight and I am totally fine when usually I'd be bored out of my mind, so like Kvn, a sleeping pattern is a fucking must for me. However, sucks that every day is like closer to 40 degrees celsius so that when sleep and wake up I'm drenched in sweat already lmao.
    I'm pretty excited but terrified about going into Uni. I think you guys call it a Freshman or something but it's my first year and I haven't started yet so I really hope I do start well and maintain that goodness in Uni..
    Also adding to that, it's time to get a job lmao. I really wanna try getting one at a sneaker store as it's already a hobby of mine but if not I guess anywhere else will do.

    Real life aside, I do have some stuff planned out that I hope are going to be big and get me 20+ thumbs up on my threads each time - so expect that from me 'cause I'm back on a computer now.

    Oh well, have a great rest of the month before we do this again guys!!
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    U W U
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    I love reading your monthly updates ^_^ Gratz to Dan and Leliot for members of the month! :DD

    I broke one of my resolutions (I didn't post it in the thread I made), which was not drinking coffee until I got a job OTL I needed to stay woke to apply for jobs, haha. Gonna try not to drink too much of it, but we'll see =3=

    Can't wait for next month's update! :DD <3
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    Thanks again for the monthly updates Sekka. So glad this is actually a thing on MM now xD

    I'm a bit late on this, but congratz Leliot and Dan for terrific work and dedication to your crafts!
    Watching you two constantly improve over the years has shed so much light on this community; even oldies like me feel inspired to keep animating and working passionately whenever you guys make a comeback. Don't ever stop doing what you love guys~

    "Here to the ones who dream, crazy as they may seem. Here's to the hearts that ache. Here's to the mess we make..." - Mia, La La Land
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    congratulations you two, @Danny McLofi Derps @Leliot ! and thanks @Sekka* for keeping up with these monthly updates

    picked up tennis again recently so getting better has become a new goal of mine this year

    also trying to challenge myself to finish one small mmv by the end of the semester
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    behind you
    @Danny McLofi Derps and @Leliot congratulations on member of the month c:
    i haven't come back for long but I notice that this forum is being kept alive by a few dedicated members and I love that!

    also loving these threads @Sekka* , awesome that you take the time to do these

    the new years resolutions I had was to take it more chill and do what I enjoy. I graduated college last year and started uni this year (same profession (graphic design)). grinding my **** off for uni has lead mne to neglect friends, fun things and other real life matters, so during the winter holidays I reunited with some old friends, chilled with my family more, tried to be nicer and do more little adventures and I have to say, it's working. I feel more energized and happy. I also started Maple again during that holiday and I have been flooded with nostalgia ever since, hence why I came back to MM this month.

    thing with me is that I still want to keep up those resolutions, actually thinking of taking a break from university and traveling the world for a few months. also been thinking of making a maple animation again, feeling so inspired and nostalgic about it c: and it has been so many years

    I really hope other people get inspired again to make Maple animations, and that new faces join that we can all watch grow to new heights.
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