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Nuuwah's MBR Profile

Discussion in 'Animator Profiles' started by Nuuwah, May 5, 2018.

  1. Nuuwah

    Nuuwah not ded

    Dec 19, 2015
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    ((Edit : powers of nate upgraded))
    Nate's* MBR profile☀
    Nate's* MBR profile☀
    Nate's* MBR profile☀
    Nate's* MBR profile☀
    Nate's* MBR profile☀
    by ScarfKanye

    Age 18
    Human with Powers.

    (( Since it's the new Nate i gotta change it a bit ))
    Nate is a swordsman that fights for people and his own life. in the past he had to regulary save his town on his own cause he was the only hero but s'more hero has arrived and he's not alone no more. he used to date a girl namned sienna but she disapeared and no one knows where she is only hyo his worst enemy pretend ((or don't)) to know where she is and he want to exchange the life of stelle with the life of sienna. he lost his eye in a battle btw him and andre. Nate is also the nephew of Nick that's why his powers are kind of similar not has powerful but quite similar.


    Light Fire and manipulation (when he touch or punch someone he has the ability to make the person float around like there was no gravity at all but it has really a short amount of time)
    Transfer his light fire to his katana for more power (same for the katana when he swing at someone he can do the same)
    he does not underestimate opponents

    Human Weakness
    His Mind
    Dark Magic

    Kai Christer


    Stelle☼ :

    by Rayan
    Age 17 ((she's more aged than that like 1000 something like that))
    extraterrestrial demi-god

    Stelle is a little thicc girl that fell down to earth while being
    unconscious. Nate was there so he tried to wake her up and the first thing she does is smiling and saying ''oh hi what the fuck i'm stelle'' she can read in minds but the fact that she lost half of her mind and half of her powers she can't even make the difference between real talk and mind reading. and nate was saying ''what the fuck''. She's from an extraterrestrial group that have been created by hyo. she was the strongest and the one who had the greatest thirst for blood , a terror. that's why hyo wants her , he wanna make the group back as they all fell to earth and even in other dimensions.

    Healing powers

    extremely dangerous when she flashbacks to her old life

    Can be losing control when she's alone or sad
    Scared of Hyo
    not good at hand to hand combat in this form of her

    HitList :

    Hyo :
    Age ????
    extraterristrial demi-god

    he's just the leader of the extraterristrial group that's all i know.. he's weird

    Mind manipulation
    Ninja style
    Wung Tan

    being killed?

    Every Single Person that'll be in his way to kill nate.
    Wind (even tho he's not active here)

    Nate and Hyo Demo:
    Stelle Demo? : ((its her old hair))

    Battle Record:
    Vs Marasu (Lose)

    Vs Kaneko (Lose)


    Points: 0

    Spritesheet: You'll get it if we are friends or if we are mbring
    Viability: Just ask on Discord or in the comments (( Nuuwah#9935 ))

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  2. [神] ScarfKanye

    Jul 7, 2017
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    i see i'm on that hitlist. I'll wait to challenge you when the time is right U_U
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