Pokemon Tournament Animation Collab

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    Like Pokemon? like tournaments? Then this collab for you!


    ^ here is the discord link to the server for more info if you are interested!

    There will a maximum of 16 participants for the tournament. After that, you'll be a spectator. But that doesn't stop you from making a part of your own.

    If you want to participate you'll have to do the following:

    • OW (overworld) sprites and trainer sprites of you're the character you want to use (yourself for it)

    • A pokemon team that you made (you can make a quick team here: https://pokecharms.com/trainer-card-maker and you can only make one team for the whole tournament)
    *note: all legendaries are banned

    Once you do, you'll be randomized into who you will be your opponent.

    Once you know who your opponent is, you may begin formulating your Pokemon.

    To submit your Pokemon, DM either Omega or Lockey the team you have chosen and we will start organizing the official bracket once we receive everyone's Pokemon team.
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