1. Before participating in Maplemation Battle Royale, make sure you are familiar with the system. Happy battling!

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Discussion in 'MBR Discussion' started by Trowicia , Oct 23, 2013.

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    --- Question and Answers ------
    • What is MBR?
      Maplemation Battle Royale aka MBR is a challenge between two or more animators/spriters/artists/comic-makers/map-makers.
    • How do I get MBR points?
      MBR Points can only be obtained through MBRs.
    • What does MBR points do?
      MBR Points allows you to buy/gift things from the marketplace.
    • How do I make a profile? What are battle threads? What's the Marketplace?
      All of your answers can be found here.
    • My opponent forfeited, what do I do now?
      Your opponent must state that they forfeited on your profile. If they fail to do so, don't hesitate to report it to a Moderator. All battle histories will be reviewed, so don't even think about pulling wool over our eyes, you'll get perma-banned from MBR that way. Your animation will be then sent up for a 'trial'. If your animation is deemed worthy by the consensus for a win, you will get the point, however, if it is not, you will not.
    • What is a faction?
      A faction is a group of MBR participants- kind of like a guild in MapleStory. If you're in a faction and would like to join another faction, you have to quit the one you're currently a member of in order to make your own or move to a different one.
    If there are any other questions, post them here. If a Moderator sees the same question asked more than twice, they'll update it to this post.
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    What are your stances on 18+/NSFW content for MBRs?
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    NSFW Art MBRs are ok as long as both parties accept the theme of it and
    if it is titled accordingly with clear signs of NSFW on the title or uses spoilers
    preventing some brat from bitchin if his parents walked in catching him lookin at ti- i mean if someone is at work and there boss sees them
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