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    Wassnt too sure where to post this lol. To explain pretty much is I have a story i plan on releasing publicly after i write out the first 5 chapters. See i got into animation after a friend showed me to Mali's fight against BSX (Still my favorite fight to date) and i fell in looove with maple animation. However. I Suck balls at talking to people so i never really made my way into the community as i intended to (You guys are amazing by the way. Soooo much talent in this community) Thats besides the point tho. I also was goin thru a rough time in life when i started animating alot and i lost motivation to do almost anything. I plan on coming back though. In the mean time between me slowing down and now tho i've been writing this story and took alot of inspiration from you guys so i hope you guys like it. im currently revising the first 5 chapters so there presentable but until then imma leave you with a story description.

    ~ Professional Rambler, Pika

    p.s - CnC is appreciated

    Everyone is born with blood. Each one of us. Our hearts are one of our most vital organs.
    Without it we would surely die. In the year 2021. The Japanese,Chinese, and American
    Governments formed an alliance that would overthrow Russia as the current super power.
    With this, a lot of culture crossing was done with all of South America and Africa
    (and parts of the Middle East) Forming and alliance and Europe Splitting into many
    warring countries. With all this. Many Refugees Fled to The New American Alliance.
    Now this isin't a story on that. This is the story of my life after The merge. I
    lived in a city close to what used to be Toronto, Canada. Many Japanese came
    right before the merge. My Mother and her family was a part of that. My Father, A
    Brazilian Martial Arts instructor was on his way to visit his family when they met. They
    married and had me not too long after. That's all i know of them as i was raised by my Dads sister. Our city was soon transformed into a technology paradise. Innovation Capital was its nickname. But when we Went to war. The city became a pit stop for soldiers. During this time the Government developed a new way to go to war. Practically creating super heroes. They found a way to turn the plasma in our blood into blast and multiple other powers such as flight, super strength, enhanced sight, and many more. This became leaked to the public and sent the public into chaos. Anarchy befell the city and the Government abandoned us. Now with light Government backing and crime at a all time high. Schools teaching kids how to use there powers properly are a normality and the default over classic Schools. I'm Bryson Yukimura-Redd and this is my story on growing up in this city and bringing it back into its former glory.